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    Gravitas: Iranians dance to protest the crackdown on happiness - YouTube
    An older man danced in public with 12 men providing chorus around him, it was on SM. The 12 were picked up and beaten. His SM profile, which also had videos of him dancing, was scrubbed and replaced with the emblem of the Iranian judiciary. ‘Shut down for creating criminal content.’ Many people have posted videos of themselves dancing to this song now. Even the Iranian national soccer team.
    The man's SM account was restored, reportedly.

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    On Hold for 11 DAYS Trying to Get Unemployment - YouTube
    In Michigan, he said, they had put in an algo that would detect patterns and decide ‘this is fraudulent’ and without a decision by a person, the system would act and issue a letter to the person ‘We’ve determined what you're doing is fraudulent.' When people said ‘No, I didn’t do anything fraudulent,' it was a problem trying to get that straightened out. ‘Some of the things that were flagged were inappropriately flagged.’
    One of the biggest issues employment insurance has is identity fraud.
    ‘Any time you call for someone to collect your money, they’ll answer really fast. Any time you call to complain, hm, not so fast.' Everyone has noticed this. It can be the same company. They route these different types of calls to different departments. Someone running the company has decided we will assign this many people to sales, this many to customer service. They've probably discovered that they can leave you on hold, and you probably won't change services.
  • ‘The First Amendment is a very qualified right.’ - Schreli





  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRdEwWHvQlQ


    But the Mexican government didn't like that Samsung and Motorola did this, and economically punished them.

    The phone companies did this through the devices IMEI. It reached into devices and locked the users from accessing their info.




  • Palm oil. No alternative currently?


  • BBC cancelling shows because presenters refuse to go on air.

    Lineker had tweeted criticism of PM Sunak's migrants policy.

    "When you work for a public institution ... it can be hard to differentiate between the person's views and the corporation's views."

    Did he cross the guidelines of BBC policy?

    Result, in terms of public framing/understanding of the story: Lineker crisis exposes impartiality row at heart of BBC • FRANCE 24 English - YouTube

    But who was right? BBC in attempting to preserve impartiality of journalists who work for a public news service? or did they just give in to protest?


  • Example of how censorship is an expensive staple of government? Also an example of once a small minority speaks up, the 75% or whatever who are choosing left when they know it's right are less fearful to chose right?

  • You look around, you don't see a lot of positive examples of uprisings that turned out well (in the Middle East) - Alterman

    Because political elements (not just rights, which are inclusive)? Because authoritarian response? Because law on how to arm and how to enable security forces?


  • Sri Lanka protests. Destroyed the leaders house. He resigned. India did not send military aid.

  • Protesting because of their savings.

    One sign read, 'No deposits. No human rights.' Interesting to contrast the impetuses that cause Westerners and Chinese to protest.

  • Musk bought like 10% of Twitter stock

    Stock rose 25%. It went down a bit in the following days, but is still up significantly.

    A few days earlier he engaged with the public on his Twitter, asking about if Twitter respects democracy and stuff and what should be done, and people wondered if he might buy a majority in Twitter for a few billion.

    A few days after buying his 10% in stoc, he offered to buy all of Twitter for like $40b or something. It wasn't accepted. News is discussing it.

  • David Beckham handed his Insta account (70m followers) over to a Kharkiv doctor, a child anesthesiologist

    The doctor is named Irina (last name not provided).
  • MSM and politicians are calling trucker protest in Canada an 'insurrection'

  • There's apparently a US trucker protest now

  • Canadian Freedom Convoy

    ... is a large group of semi truck drivers who are making their way across Canada, in a protest against the liberties the government has taken against human and civil rights under the banner of Covid measures.

    Makes it actually visible, there is an opposition, and gives people an opportunity to partake in this voice. It is a world wide news story. It is also longer term, since it's been in the news for weeks now.

    "It can't be ignored," some people noted about it.

    Politicians in Canada have reportedly tried focusing on the Confederate Flag and a Swastika (MSM apparently doing a lot of the disparagement work in this), as if people were rallying behind either of those in any meaningful way. And there's reportedly been some political attempts to stop the GoFundMe funding. Or they already froze it, with over $10m raised by 130 or 140k people. Facebook also kicked off the 130k people who subscribed to a group for American truckers to get involved, or something.

    Brian Peckford went on Jordan Peterson's podcast to publicly announce his legal challenge to the government's restrictions on Canadians' civil liberties because he didn't think he could get the truth told about what he was doing on ANY other Canadian news outlet, Peterson commented.

    Last Friday the police were talking about doing digital tracking, reportedly. And now protesting isn't allowed, I heard.

    PM Trudeau apparently will not talk with the truckers.

    I would perhaps say, though, that the MSM and politicians in that country have always been like this, and have frequently misrepresented events and news, but that there's never been anything that's happened that any amount of Canadians have cared enough about.

    Trudeau publicly called the people protesting a "small fringe minority" "who are hold unacceptable views," although I doubt he would, if given time to think about this statement, really state any views were unacceptable, maybe.

  • San Jose police officer quits to speak out against vaccine mandate

    "When we received a email saying that you're gonna have a vaccine by a certain date or face discipline up to and including termination, I took it as a threat. Because I don't plan to be vaccinated. And I decided to turn in my badge so I could speak up cause others can't for fear of losing their job," David Gutierrez told Fox News.

    In Gutierrez's case, he didn't want to put the thing in his body for religious reasons.

  • Hong Kong man jailed 'under national security law'

    The man, during pro-democracy protests in HK against the Chinese government, purposefully rode his superbike at a line of police. He carried a flag which read 'Liberate Hong Kong.'

    Western media is headlining this as the first person to be charged under Hong Kong's new national security law, and highlighting the law's restrictions on protest slogans that are 'capable of inciting others,' on secessionist activity, and that without a guilty plea there should be no leniency.

    ... despite this man's actions being clearly not just protest oriented.

    This may logically make China appear unfairly presented, and give China a valid claim to such. American commenters on the story noted that the man would probably have been gunned down by US police if he tried that in NY. ... However, China may follow this trial of what many consider an aggressive act with trials of peaceful protesters, journalists (which reportedly it has lined up about 30 of them), etc.

    9 years. He will appeal.

    (following this video clip, the motorbike was on the ground with police surrounding him. It appears he slowed and turned to the side and did not hit any police once he charged up close to them.)

  • FDA advisors are resigning because of Biogen's Alzheimer's drug approval

    The drug was approved, but when supporters were interviewed they couldn't say anything more compelling than that they were receiving the news positively because people suffered from Alzheimer's, without being able to say anything in favor of the drug itself.

    The drug came out a while back, and was not approved upon review last year (because no benefits were substantially proven, the FDA advisory board voted 10 against, 1 uncertain, 0 in favor), and since then nothing has changed, but the FDA decided to approve it now.

    It is rare for this type of decision to be overturned, and usually when it does happen, it's after a vote that is closer than the Biogen drug was.

    There are millions of potential consumers for the drug, and Biogen has priced it at $56,000 per year.

    Commenters said that after the third resignation, there might be some real attention on what's going on here.

    3 prestigious FDA advisors who quit: