Ivermectin ("horse drug") more effective than Remdesevir, according to two new studies

Denegrated and warned against by MSM, the Nobel prize-winning, WHO essential drugs-listed Ivermectin has been shown to be much more effective than Remdesevir in treating Covid. Less hospitalizations, less deaths.

Ivermectin costs a couple cents. Remdesevir costs like $300 per cycle.

The Miami study found you were 70% less likely to die if you took Ivermectin versus if you took Remdesevir.

The Brazil study found Ivermectin-only group had 70% less mortality than Remdesevir. The Ivermectin group was taking just a tiny amount of Ivermectin every 2 weeks as a prophylactics (prophelaxis?).

There was also a large (about 44%) reduction in infection (data from Brazil study).

This is not really being reported in MSM.

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