• Sri Lanka govt increased pharmaceutical prices 30% earlier this year when inflation came to that country

    Pharmaceuticals running low, reportedly. No access to imported drugs, reportedly. Several hospitals are not performing surgeries.

    "If supplies are not restored within days, the casualties will be far worse than from the pandemic" - SLMA

    16k people have died of Covid in the country in the past couple years, according to reports.

  • Ivermectin ("horse drug") more effective than Remdesevir, according to two new studies

    Denegrated and warned against by MSM, the Nobel prize-winning, WHO essential drugs-listed Ivermectin has been shown to be much more effective than Remdesevir in treating Covid. Less hospitalizations, less deaths.

    Ivermectin costs a couple cents. Remdesevir costs like $300 per cycle.

    The Miami study found you were 70% less likely to die if you took Ivermectin versus if you took Remdesevir.

    The Brazil study found Ivermectin-only group had 70% less mortality than Remdesevir. The Ivermectin group was taking just a tiny amount of Ivermectin every 2 weeks as a prophylactics (prophelaxis?).

    There was also a large (about 44%) reduction in infection (data from Brazil study).

    This is not really being reported in MSM.

    Top YouTube comment on this video:


  • ... reportedly, for the past 2 years during the Pandemic.

  • US hospitals reimbursed for hospitalizations for Covid, but not for other things

    Some claim the economic incentive causes bad data and perhaps less than great practice.

    Tax funded.

  • Three strategies recommended in a German government paper: 1. Fear of death by suffocation; 2. Fear of although you get better it can kill you some time later; 3. Having children believe their grandparents can die for their fault.

    UK government has been the number one customer for advertising in media in UK since start of pandemic.

    All the news, especially in a crisis, comes from the government. You need a good contact. If you act as a media broadcaster for the government, you get special benefits.

    If you don't comply with the rules, you are ostracized and a nazi.

    Pharma, big tech, and government, cooperating with the government, make this mass hysteria possible.

    Ways to reduce stress from mass hysteria: exercise and socializing, seeing the faces of other people, smiling. Having fun. Going out to drink, do sports. Forbidden under 'lockdown.'

    Isolation, more vulnerable to messaging (also to 'brainwashing'). Constant bombardment with the same message.

    Decline of religion and church (functions in community, support), more vulnerable to mass hysteria, psychological problems in general.

    "Constitutions are to protect the citizens against the government, but they did not fulfill this role. If this was their role, they totally failed. So constitutions are not the way to go. I think the size of the government has to be reduced. So the connections to the media, the connections to the government should be totally separated, for Big Tech also, for pharmacy, there should be no influence.' - Phillip Bagus.

    'If there is just one voice, if he talks out of this halls of Congress, that normal people cannot walk into, from there he says "There's this killer virus," then you believe. If government would not be responsible for that, if it would be private, there would be many independent specialists about public health, about health issues, which would compete with each other and one would say "This is a killer virus," another would say "No, don't freak out, don't panic, act normal more or less, take some measures." But when you have all this power to the government, then this message of fear can really overwhelm you and lead to the panic.'

    Government controls education, the media.

    'However, a huge part of the population in this crisis has stopped to believe in government. They have become more skeptical, From all political backgrounds. Because the lies of government, what they told about the vaccine, about the threat, and the harm they actually did to people, that people can actually feel it. Many people want their liberty back.'

    'Governments have an incentive to increase threats and use them to increase their power.'

    Also, 'With the State, the politicians have very bad incentives with the mass hysteria, because they face asymmetric payoffs. When they underestimate the threat, that is very bad. They will be ousted. They are responsible. If they overestimate threat. There might also be deaths, but they are not as directly connected with the threat (suicides, bad health, economic). Not connected to the politician decisions. In any case they have the media to protect them. ... The result is to overreact. To do a lockdown. The costs the politician does not assume. He will get his salary, but the people who lose their jobs, their savings, the business they built, they lose. People who get depressions they lose. The politician does not face these. He can externalize them.'

  • Chief medical officer should be replaced by Supreme Court style panel, suggested by Valuetainment

    Because Fauci is the constant between the Trump and Biden admins, Fauci's position on (I don't know what it was but it's in a popular book called the Truth about Fauci) AIDS in the 80s.

    "I don't think that position, moving forward, I'm comfortable being one person. I think it's a Supreme Court model [that would be better]. ... On one side, you got somebody that's part of the Peter McCollaugh camp, somebody that's part of a Malone camp ... on the other side, you got a Fauci, you got any of these guys. Sit down, hash it out, let us, let Congress people, question both of you. But right now the only person's argument you're allowed to hear is Tony's.

  • Thousands of UK medical professionals being fired for refusing vaccine mandate against will

    1 in 10 NHS professionals are not vaccinated. They will be fired pretty soon upon a mandated deadline.

  • Cluster: Ultra-right, anti-vaccine-mandate, political organization

    MSM is tying vaccine mandate opposition to 'nazis,' it seems.

    But there might be two things here: first, that protesting vaccine mandates (which would include people of all political affiliations) could be a basis for political organization and activity; and radical political extremes in political limitations on those in the chairs.

  • Cycling in winter has almost no correlation to snow

    Canadians were called 'wimps' in comparison with Finns in Oulu, because Canadians basically don't bike in winter. Pointed out by Not Just Bikes.

    How much snow falls / the temperature have very little correlation to how many people use bikes, according to some study. Rather, the most important factors are:

    1. Safe bike lane network, so cyclists can get where they want to go, and don't have to share or cross paths with high-speed motor traffic. Oulu has separated bike lanes, and they mark them with images projected from above rather than painting the concrete. Oulu's bike/foot paths are generally designed to be shortcuts, and there are lots of underpasses so pedestrians and cyclists can avoid roads, so in Oulu cyclists can make entire journies without encountering a traffic light or stopping.

    2. Maintenance of snow. Currently, few cities do this well. Oulu maintains its bike paths. 2cm of snowfall and they plow. In Canada, they won't plow unless 5cm fall, and often bike lanes are sometimes where they plow snow into.

  • Coronavirus shift in thinking

    Just recently, the thinking seems to now be that everyone is going to get it, since vaccinated people are getting it.

    Shift in focus will now be towards preparing people to not get a severe case. The vaccinations are thought to prevent severe infection often.

    Dr John Campbell said the virus has a limited number of mutations possible, but Prof Pollard thinks more infections variants could come about.

  • IUDs. Women are pulling them out themselves to not pay removal fee

    IUD insertion is free but removal can cost hundreds, so women are just removing them themselves and posting videos on social media.