• Chief medical officer should be replaced by Supreme Court style panel, suggested by Valuetainment

    Because Fauci is the constant between the Trump and Biden admins, Fauci's position on (I don't know what it was but it's in a popular book called the Truth about Fauci) AIDS in the 80s.

    "I don't think that position, moving forward, I'm comfortable being one person. I think it's a Supreme Court model [that would be better]. ... On one side, you got somebody that's part of the Peter McCollaugh camp, somebody that's part of a Malone camp ... on the other side, you got a Fauci, you got any of these guys. Sit down, hash it out, let us, let Congress people, question both of you. But right now the only person's argument you're allowed to hear is Tony's.

  • USA added to 'backsliding democracies' list of IDEA think tank

    ... who says a visible deterioration began in 2019, and that an important point was when Trump questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election results (when he lost).

    The list is based of 50 years of democratic indicators in 150 countries.

  • What is Twitter to do?

    An opposition leader in India posted photos of the parents of a 9-year-old who was reportedly raped. His post and others by other opposition figures were removed and their accounts were suspended. Reportedly, Twitter did this after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights asked they do so over privacy rules.

    The accounts have been reinstated, reportedly.

    The opposition leader is saying Twitter is biased.