• Joe Rogan currently most popular broadcaster in English-speaking world, maybe.

    11m people viewing every ep. Some a lot more. Compare with CNN's highest rates show last night with 700k viewers.

    He's not politically partisan.

    Neil Young made headlines last week for issuing an ultimatum or something to Spotify that it was his music or Rogan, who he said was spreading misinformation (about the pandemic). Spotify picked Rogan. But Spotify has deleted over 20k videos that talk about the pandemic, but made by other podcasters. Spotify said they cause harm. Harry and Megan have a $125m deal with Spotify, and they threatened to leave, opposing Rogan.

    Tucker Carlson noted that Whitehouse spokesperson Jen Psaki's recent comments that 'there's more that can be done' was tantamount to something the government's not allowed to do constitutionally, using government power to shut down broadcasters who criticize you. Last week Rogan made a comment about Psaki, who had recently been talking about shutting down misinformation, while SHE distributed misinformation by saying the Pfizer vaccine was approved by the FDA in their gold standard.

  • Joe Rogan had Sanjay Gupta on and pressed him on CNN's 'journalism'

    Because CNN (Gupta is a star 'medical professional' on that channel) reported on Rogan taking 'horse medicine' and painting it pretty negative, and putting a yellow filter on the video they used of Rogan (to make him look worse). Guptra tried to change the subject several times, but Rogan pressed him in a guyish way, and was pretty good at it.

    It made waves and headlines on Republican media and YouTubers.