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  • Mar 22, 2024
  • Martin Kulldorff: Fired by Harvard for getting Covid right - YouTube

    Sundararajan: Chinese Government Might not Block the Sale of TikTok - YouTube
    No opposition from Congress or China either?

    Happiness has everything to do with 'family, life and adventure', says Harvard's Arthur Brooks - YouTube

    Sweet Baby Inc: In bed with the Canadian Government? - YouTube

    ‘Bad data’ is data that contradicts, missing, conflicting, or data that does not correct.'

    Apple Updates iMessage with Post Quantum Encryption - YouTube
    Signal added postQuantumEncryption before Apple. Signal is OpenSource, so other messaging apps will perhaps add their protocol soon.
    Frequently changing keys.
    Apple mentioned Signal a lot in their post, perhaps because Signal did what they are doing, but did it first. Months before Apple. Basically everything Apple is doing is what Signal did months ago.
    Signal had doubleRatchet for 10 years. OpenSource.
    Apple paid some fancy scientists to review their messenger app to make sure it was super secure. However, MO says its less good because its still closedSource. Such a level of adversary will target the platform rather than the individual. They don't have to worry if you're using Qubes, Linux, whatever. They know you're using an iPhone.
    With FOSS you don't have to just trust Apple and its scientists. You can actually review it.
    It's an iron fortress but built upon sand, said MO.

    New Satoshi emails might be a decoy, a Trojan Horse, a plant, and government maybe needs a new real crisis. From Debt to Hyperinflation: More Banks to Collapse As System Implodes, 'They Need a Crisis' – Zang - YouTube
    A banking recet after a crisis makes a CBDC easier.
    BFTP has expired.
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  • Mar 11, 2024
  • Chinese national, who worked for Google, allegedly stole confidential AI files - YouTube

    We're almost trained to not be influenced by (political) ads. But what about regular posts?

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  • Mar 05, 2024
  • DW News, March 2nd, 2024: Russian spy attack on German air force high-ups | Full Broadcast - YouTube
    Scanal. Germans talk about a bomb and sending it to Russia, and potential targets, allegedly.

    Ransomware attack behind over week-long City of Hamilton service disruption - YouTube
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  • Mar 01, 2024
  • This map lays out culturally-specific grocery stores in Scarborough, Ont. - YouTube
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  • Feb 22, 2024
  • Google, Reddit enter $60M per year AI deal: Reuters - YouTube
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  • Feb 13, 2024

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  • Eastern European states (all of them) are incentivized to underreport population (because of immigration). So on paper people live in Hungary but really live in Berlin or London.

    Seems Samo was right last year when he said Russian military's not in that bad a position, and Ukraine could or would probably lose. At that time MSM was all about the opposite. So was that to sell the need to spend the dollars on military consumerism?

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  • Jan 31, 2024
  • Education is secretly daycare. - Samo. As parents went to the factory and now the office.

    Prison labor keeps them busy.

    The main good of going to Harvard is demonstrating you made it to Harvard. What if there was something after college to prove?

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  • Jan 26, 2024
  • Chinese Provocateurs Who Targeted YouTuber IDENTIFIED - YouTube
  • Jan, 2024
  • Jan 22, 2024
  • - YouTube

    It was pointed out how SEC etc have criticized Musk for the effects of his Tweets, and then their account was hacked and used to effect the markets.

    Hong Kong just had an election. People say it had more disinformation, fake info than any other election. It was all false. But now people are aware of this, they have other means of checking, fact checking.

    On SM, politicians don't have to have one coherent message. They can send out ads that say ‘Finally when we leave Europe (ie Brexit) we can have animal rights legislation’ and other ads to say ‘finally when we leave Europe we can have fox hunting again.’ Jimmy Wales. Deeply customized communication. Robo calls will be much higher quality, using big data you already know which info that demographic will go for.

    Misinformation versus malinformation versus disinformation. ‘Malinformation’ is based in truth but causes you to disbelieve in authority (ie caught in lies?), framed as ‘terrorism’ by government.
    #terrorism which is now (not a normal word as traditionally) a legal designation that causes all your rights to evaporate, Homeland Sec, what rights they have to silence you are not normal rights.

    Who investigates the investigator? In America that's Congress. But they need a DOJ that's receptive to their criminial referrales, because Congress doesn't have power to arrest. A brick wall constitutionally. ‘Until you have a president that will clean house at the DOJ and FBI,’ Higgins said, ‘... those guys are not going to arrest themselves.’
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  • Jan 08, 2024
  • Airlines face government scrutiny over devaluation of frequent flyer programs - YouTube

    No one knows whether courts will force GPTs to pay (NYT) for use of their copyright material, and how the split would work.

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  • Jan 02, 2024
  • Why reports of a surge in retail theft may be overblown - YouTube

    The doxxing of Beff Jezos | Guillaume Verdon and Lex Fridman - YouTube

  • Dec, 2023
  • Dec 29, 2023
  • Fake Google Reviews for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Centers - YouTube

    NY Times Sues Microsoft, OpenAI for Copyright Breaches - YouTube

    Vanderbilt's Daniel Gervais on NY Times lawsuit: A settlement makes business sense for both sides - YouTube

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  • Dec 19, 2023
  • Alex Jones reinstated on X.
  • Dec, 2023
  • Dec 12, 2023
  • Now, there's more technology and less people actually touching things. So less journalists actually touching the story and less editors fact checking, and more opinion. Twitter used to provide access to these stories and places news wouldn't be, Zeihan commented, and this is how Twitter was in like 2014.

    False information is 90% of Zeihans feed now, he said, because Musk has done away with content moderation, although he said it had gotten better (before Musk) when they took out the Russian bots. He also like that, because he had 100k followers, he could immediately engage (they would respond to his account) with other users who could be sources for him. He said pornbots and cryptoscams get through to him.

    Ziehan said that he thought Musk was showing himself to be ‘just an unapologetic apartheid-era white South African.’ Why I'm Done With Twitter (or 'X' or whatever you call it) || Peter Zeihan - YouTube

    A commenter on Zeihan's video: ‘I agree Twitter/X has gone to crap, though it was always just crap of a different color. I disagree on why you are leaving, Peter. You stayed throughout it all but put your foot down only when Elon told Bob of Disney to go F himself, which is a very unpopular thing to do amongst the media overlords but overwhelmingly popular with the People. Racism is, as always, the card played but your hand is full of Jokers in a huff because someone said no to being held at gunpoint by cancel culture.’

    Another: 'To everyone here whining because he said something that's hard to accept, not everyone has time to wade through the bs free speech to find the good free speech. X needs to improve community notes fast. More people like Peter are checking out and soon this wonderful free speech experiment will just be another echo chamber.'

    Disney BACKLASH! Thousands CANCEL Disney Plus after Elon Musk calls out CEO Bob Iger! - YouTube
    Sony last month cut off access for users to Twitter/X.
    After Musk's recent talked-about statement F you to advertisers, hi Bob (only person specifically called out), some former Dis+ users have been posting Tweets of themselves cancelling their Dis+ membership.
    An election is coming up, and the other platforms are owned, and people consider X to be the only real chance at a fair information election. Without X, Dems who control all the other platforms could censor/control information pretty entirely. Tucker raised this issue.
    #XTwitter #Musk
    Some people think Iger wants to run for pres sometime.
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  • Nov 30, 2023
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6khdlewOjjk

    - m

    Newpipe, Libretube, Freetube. GrayJay. Rumble Studio.


    Jewish celebrities wrote a group letter to TikTok.

    IBM pulled ads from X after seeing its ads had been placed next to pro-Nazi (reportedly) content.

    If the Nobel organization picked one field per year that received no Nobel prize because ‘not enough progress was made' that would have a disciplining effect without a ‘bullshit check’. - Samo Burja idea


    Info, ?fake info?, fake accounts with wild allegations to muddy the waters, debunking, fake debunking.

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  • Nov 04, 2023
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bq-6GeRhys

    Bad trademarks are easist to get. Reviews can be purchased. Laziest solution is the most suited for Amazon-type stores?



    No incentive for engagement as a business model. So no outrageous posts. Academics over influencers. Accountability, because how things are edited are transparent and documented and public.


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  • Oct 17, 2023
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FiJKpjKIfg


    Who can buy Disney's assets? Where 80% of Americans get their news, the government won't let just anybody buy it.


    Sweden (only in Europe) didn't lock down. It's rates were in line with other northern European/Scandanavian/Germanic countries, ie relatively low compared with Southern Europe. However, it's ‘excess deaths’ were the lowest in Europe.

    How does this lead to trust/distrust in government? The health authorities in Sweden are not politicians. They are not ‘part of the government’. They don't have a policy and then fight for it. They don't have to defend an ideology. Contrasted with Fauci.

    Twitter X is a way to reach people who don't watch TV, don't use much other social media. And maybe high quality users.


    Info came from US, 5 Eyes System. “US has much better intelligence capabilities in Canada than the Canadian government does. Verified by British government." We've never seen Indian government assasinate anyone outside their own borders.

    Indian diaspora is the largest in the world. Interesting in considering the dynamics. What if India assasinates someone who acutally matters to someone. People (Indians in this case) who leave their country are often not very patriotic, so will Indians in Canada be louder than otherwise?

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  • Aug 21, 2023

  • A level results: Biggest drop in top grades ever in England - YouTube 
  • Aug, 2023
  • Aug 05, 2023

  • Facebook bowed to White House pressure, removed Covid-19 posts - WSJ - YouTube 
  • The Amazon Review Scandal - YouTube 
  • Jul, 2023
  • Jul 03, 2023
  • polluting the information ecosystem with unverifiable AI garbage results
  • Jun, 2023
  • Jun 26, 2023
  • US-Funded Scientist CONFIRMED As Covid Patient ZERO; Researcher Working On Gain-Of-Function: Report - YouTube 

  • Jun, 2023
  • Jun 11, 2023
  • Tucker Carlson published his first ep on Twitter.

    Water flooded near a Russian nuclear plant. Whoever did it would be considered a ‘terrorist’ under international law or something.

    Who did it? Both say the other side. But neither side has any integrity built up over time. So are we in a period where anyone can do anything, and no one will be sure who did it, since no one is in position to be believed?

    I tried watching on Twitter for the new experience, but it's better still on YouTube, until Twitter puts in different view screen sizes and speed control like YouTube, etc. Probably you don't want to watch this in less than 1.25x.

    “At this point we don't know what our leaders are doing. We're not allowed to know. By definition, that is not a democracy. And that's fine with the [mainstream] media. ... Stop asking how we got so rich. Here's another story about racism. Go eat eachother. ... That's how most of us now live ... manipulated by lies, silenced by taboos. It is unhealthy, and it's dehumanizing, and we're tired of it. As of today we've come to Twitter, which we hope will be the shortwave radio under the blankets [referring to illicit listening to information on radios in Soviet Russia]. We're told there's no gatekeepers here. If that turns out to be false we'll leave, but in the meantime we're grateful to be here.”

  • May, 2023
  • May 30, 2023
  • People have been pondering if Musk is the new biggest Republican media mogul

  • May, 2023
  • May 01, 2023

  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 26, 2023

  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 25, 2023
  • Twitter applies blue checkmarks to a bunch of accounts (big accounts, maybe all accounts over 1m)

    The blue check says the person paid $8 and verified their phone number, but lots of these people said they didn't do that, and many oppose the idea.

    There is also a legal angle. US fed law prohibits false endorsement of a product.

    Some found a way to remove their blue checkmark, but some saw Twitter restore it to their accounts several times, such as anti blue check mark comedian Dril.

    Last month (week?), Musk said he was personally paying for some celebrities blue check marks. So it's unknown whether he's paying for these new ones or they just applied the check mark to the accounts.

    From headlines and tweets, it seems this is reflecting negatively on Musk's reputation. However, there are also people on Musk's Twitter side, it seems, as anti blue check mark people have been 'trolled' as 'cheapskates'. So maybe we could say more divisive.

    It's been said before. Media is not the same game as engineering or product making.
  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 12, 2023

  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 29, 2023
  • Mayor blocks private company from releasing Ohio derailment wastewater into Baltimore system - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 12, 2023

  • With such a small clientele (a hundred or two VCs or something) why couldn't they communicate together to maintain the bank?
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 08, 2023
  • Tucker Carlson making headlines for his presentation of before-censorted now-public footage of Jan 6

    Some placid scenes, and also scenes with the bullhead guy walking around peacefully.

    The original footage wasn't whole. I think the tiny intelligent part of the pop knew that at the time, and Carlson's is also not whole.
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 01, 2023

  • $80 per vial to $20.

    16% of people in US were rationing their insulin, a survey found recently.

    "This is something we almost never see drug companies do."

    There have been independent groups of people opposing insulin prices by trying to engineer their own insulin to sell it for less (I think $5 per vial or something), who recently said they're making good progress.
  • Feb, 2023
  • Feb 28, 2023

  • China hits back at FBI lab leak theory I DW News - YouTube 
  • Headlines now say US energy agency says most likely Covid came from lab leak in Wuhan

  • Feb, 2023
  • Feb 26, 2023
  • The Media Is Seething After Woody Harrelson Drops Truth Bombs About Big Pharma During SNL Monologue - YouTube 
  • Feb, 2023
  • Feb 22, 2023
  • Reportedly, China told tech companies there not to include chatGPT in their services.
  • Jan, 2023
  • Jan 25, 2023

  • Jan, 2023
  • Jan 03, 2023
  • On Twitter everyone is there to teach. They're all geniuses. On YouTube people put in a question, and they're there to learn.

  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 27, 2022
  • "Is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that DIDN'T turn out to be true." - Musk, on printing the Twitter Papers, and saying it was important to do so in order to have trust on the platform going forward.

    "So far they've all turned out to be true, and more true than people thought."

    Hunter Biden, government agencies.
    "And it couldn't just have been happening on Twitter, so what are we gonna do about all these other platforms." - Chamath

    Elon Musk on Fixing Twitter (Free Speech, Shadow Banning & Being CEO) - YouTube 
  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 04, 2022
  • How universities seem (super Liberal) don't actually reflect how the students are

    "Free Speech and Constructive Dialogue at UNC-CH," 2020 - a recommended study, said Rauch

    Many students want more conservative speakers.

    In US society, actually only 8% are 'Progressive Activists'. So a minority is having a strong effect.

  • Some popular (but not necessarily new) things contributing to suppression of truth/opinion - Rauch

    Subjectivism - My lived experience must be true

    Words that Wound - Hurtful words are violence, so they must be regulated, UN human rights violation

    Identity politics - Marginalized groups get special say
  • The drop in confidence in universities which accompanies the lack of ability to voice true opinions (when they dissent)

    A 12 point drop recently ("unprecedented").

    Homogeneity among faculty increasing.

    Especially in certain fields. 50 to 1 progressives to conservatives. If 1 in 4 members of a faculty are conservative, a student will encounter at least one. But at 40 to 1 students may never encounter a peer who supports other positions.


    Big schools.

    Many openly admit discriminating against the bids for grants of right-leaning grants. They openly admit it, they're proud of it. The others who don't admit it would increase the percentage. Faculty who are right leaning report feeling the climate is hostile, 70% of them. Centrists 35%. Left less than 5%.

  • Students at US universities belief their school climate (people will be offended) prevents people from saying things they believe, on the rise

    Not just universities. General population.

    Happened in the 60s, Rauch says. People are chilled because they're concerned about the consequences of people and what they say.

    Americans self sensor now much more than during McCarthy era. Rauch says maybe because during McCarthy you could say you were against communism and you would pretty much be OK, whereas today you don't even know what things will give offense. No boundaries, no safe harbors.

    Note the sense of futility, of demoralized population. They will instead just sit at home.

  • How far down the Mussolini State road have we gone as a society?

    "It's a dangerous question [somewhat jokingly said]. ... It's way further than I would like. On the other hand we have conferences like this [Stanford Academic Freedom], we can talk about things. A lot of things we get in trouble for but we can still talk about them in small groups, anonymously. There are parts of the internet that have been taken over by the State but the internet still is in some ways more free than it was 20 years ago. ... There's an uncomfortable entanglement that the US has with China, where we're rivals but the danger is always, 'You have to chose your enemies well because you'll soon be just like them,' and are we going to copy the same sort of surveillance totalitarian AI that China has and impose that in the US?" - Peter Thiel
  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 02, 2022

  • A post with a swastika inside a star of David.

    Don't know how long. There's no bans, only suspensions.

  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 21, 2022
  • Musk did a Twitter poll to ask if Trump should be reinstated

    Then tweeted that the people have spoken, and reinstated Trump's account

    Trump reportedly said he preferred to stay on his Truth Social app, and that Twitter had too many bots and fake accounts.

    Trump has under 5m followers on both apps.

  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 03, 2022

  • 'Hate speech' disappears as a category. It is just someone else's opinion. Just remove spam and porn.

    If you label info as 'false,' you have to prove it's false.
  • Sep, 2022
  • Sep 10, 2022

  • Send me photos and location data, please honey.
  • Jun, 2022
  • Jun 12, 2022

  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 18, 2022
  • NJ passes law mandating civics class for all middle schoolers

    (This happened several months ago. Supposed to be mandatory in 2022/2023 school year)

    "The insurrection was alarming to many people and served as a wakeup call that we need to prepare future generations about civics and government." - Sen Shirley Turner (D)

    "So maybe 30 years of not having civics, this is what you get." - Arlene Gardner, President of NJ Center for Civic Education, who is developing the curriculum

    "One of the areas that we've really started working on is those skills for having a CIVIL discourse when you disagree with people."

  • Is having 'moderators' a failed social technology?

    Today, I was cancelled from two social media platforms. After questioning a redditor about his statement about a legal topic, and him responding, and me reviewing the case he cited and responding, it seems he just banned me (was not able to comment further - just read 'error' or something).

    Then someone posted a news issue saying how much violence there was in the city/state I live in, and I posted stats (literally facts, numbers, putting it in context with the US's cities and states. I received a comment from the platform saying my comment had been removed.

    I generally don't post comments on Facebook, but thought I'd contribute today, but after that I see no reason to try to comment on it in the future.

  • "I trust random bloggers on the internet more than I do the CDC" - random interviewer on YouTube

    ... a sentiment I'm hearing a lot. They base this on the epistemic inferiority or conspiracy of government officials in how they handled the pandemic and spoke to the public.

  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 14, 2022
  • White House changed a transcript after Harris made a mistake in a speech

    Kamala Harris said "The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO Alliance (applause).

    In the official transcript, they added in brackets [and] before "in defense."

    White House changes Kamala Harris' 'mistake' in official transcript - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 12, 2022
  • US tech giants info-actions against Russia

    Without being forced to, they've taken actions against Russia, Russians, and Russian information sources.

    Facebook reportedly will allow posts calling for violence against Russia and its president.

    Wion asked, "Isn't this criminal? Won't this promote hate? Won't this incite hostility against all Russians?"

    Google barred the Russian government from monetizing content. Apple stopped sales in Russia and cut Russia off from the ApplePlay, and has blocked RT and Sputnik outside Russia. Twitter is labeling all posts that are pro-Russian and adding a label on pro-Russian stories.

    Wion said that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon were awarded $44.5b from the DHS and DoD. For aiding the US military, providing them with digital tools that can be used in wars. Including access to databases, cloud computing, surveillance, drone tech and pushing narratives.

    Wion also pointed out the revolving door for professionals that work in big tech and then in government. And former government who now are controlling big tech companies.

  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 01, 2022
  • "What bothers me is how superficial and ill-informed the whole Senate debate was. I was particularly bothered by the references to Russia as a country dying to attack Western Europe."

    George Kennan, architect of US's successful containment policy of Soviet Union, in 1998, after the senate after under Clinton US started to talk about expanding NATO, contrary to agreements made to the Soviets in 1990 as part of the talks to unify Germany.

    "I think it is the beginning of a new Cold War. I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely, and it will affect their policies. I think it was a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever. No one was threatening anybody else. ..."

    "... Of course, there is going to be a bad reaction from Russia, and then the NATO expanders will say that 'We always told you that is how the Russians are ...'"

    "NATO expansion was simply a lighthearted action by a Senate that has no real interest in foreign affairs."

  • Ukrainians are constantly glued to TV and internet to get info, but also to confirm it is a true story

    Recently some posts went viral showing an air convoy of Russia AF, which was a video from a year or so ago.

    Today there is a Russian strike on a Kyiv TV tower, and news presenters in America talking to people in Ukraine, one of the first thing that gets clarified is that, "Yes, this is a true story."

    They verify by checking multiple news channels.

    Within Russia, on the other hand, it has been said, TV and internet is controlled by the state.

  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 28, 2022
  • Lots of people impressed by things they're reading about regular Ukrainians, school teachers, etc and what they've decided to do in the face of the invasion

    They've been called 'bad ass' by some Americans. It's thought this might be one of the big aspects in causing European nations to decide to really help Ukraine.

    It's been noted that Putin could have used cyber attacks to cut off the internet from Ukraine, but hasn't done anything like that.

  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 07, 2022
  • There's apparently a US trucker protest now

  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 06, 2022
  • Joe Rogan currently most popular broadcaster in English-speaking world, maybe.

    11m people viewing every ep. Some a lot more. Compare with CNN's highest rates show last night with 700k viewers.

    He's not politically partisan.

    Neil Young made headlines last week for issuing an ultimatum or something to Spotify that it was his music or Rogan, who he said was spreading misinformation (about the pandemic). Spotify picked Rogan. But Spotify has deleted over 20k videos that talk about the pandemic, but made by other podcasters. Spotify said they cause harm. Harry and Megan have a $125m deal with Spotify, and they threatened to leave, opposing Rogan.

    Tucker Carlson noted that Whitehouse spokesperson Jen Psaki's recent comments that 'there's more that can be done' was tantamount to something the government's not allowed to do constitutionally, using government power to shut down broadcasters who criticize you. Last week Rogan made a comment about Psaki, who had recently been talking about shutting down misinformation, while SHE distributed misinformation by saying the Pfizer vaccine was approved by the FDA in their gold standard.

  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 02, 2022
  • Canadian Freedom Convoy

    ... is a large group of semi truck drivers who are making their way across Canada, in a protest against the liberties the government has taken against human and civil rights under the banner of Covid measures.

    Makes it actually visible, there is an opposition, and gives people an opportunity to partake in this voice. It is a world wide news story. It is also longer term, since it's been in the news for weeks now.

    "It can't be ignored," some people noted about it.

    Politicians in Canada have reportedly tried focusing on the Confederate Flag and a Swastika (MSM apparently doing a lot of the disparagement work in this), as if people were rallying behind either of those in any meaningful way. And there's reportedly been some political attempts to stop the GoFundMe funding. Or they already froze it, with over $10m raised by 130 or 140k people. Facebook also kicked off the 130k people who subscribed to a group for American truckers to get involved, or something.

    Brian Peckford went on Jordan Peterson's podcast to publicly announce his legal challenge to the government's restrictions on Canadians' civil liberties because he didn't think he could get the truth told about what he was doing on ANY other Canadian news outlet, Peterson commented.

    Last Friday the police were talking about doing digital tracking, reportedly. And now protesting isn't allowed, I heard.

    PM Trudeau apparently will not talk with the truckers.

    I would perhaps say, though, that the MSM and politicians in that country have always been like this, and have frequently misrepresented events and news, but that there's never been anything that's happened that any amount of Canadians have cared enough about.

    Trudeau publicly called the people protesting a "small fringe minority" "who are hold unacceptable views," although I doubt he would, if given time to think about this statement, really state any views were unacceptable, maybe.

  • Oct, 2021
  • Oct 06, 2021
  • "It started with Alex Jones. This is nothing new. And I think Alex Jones was the test case to see who you can silence under the pretext of 'protecting,' and they got away with it with Alex Jones, and it's only escalated since then." - David Freiheit

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