• We didn't have a discussion that says 'Where is the threshold?'

    ... 'We all agree, right? that there are circumstances so dangerous that your normal instincts should be put on hold. That if the ship is sinking, then that is the priority.

    'What we have not discussed is, OK, at least the initial variants of Covid were worse than the flu. How much worse than the flu does something have to be before you turn society upside down? Before you allow small businesses to be destroyed and all of that wealth transferred to their gigantic competitors?' - Bret Weinstean

  • Putin's criticism of Western policy towards fleeing Afghanis

    The West wants to relocate them to Afghanistan's neighboring countries. He said it was a security issue that directly affects Russia.

    'So, it's possible to send them to these other countries, our neighbors, without visas, but they don't want to take them in themselves without visas? It's a humiliating approach to this issue.'

  • Some 'focussed protection' advocates signed this white paper.