• John Deere reached a tentative 6-year deal with United Auto Workers

    Covers 10k workers. Wage increases, signing bonuses, if workers vote approval.

    DE was up like 5% (on a day of many stocks being up).

    Ag economy and food safety tailwinds appear favorable to Deere. Supply chain issue is causing more national production of goods (at higher prices). Corn, wheat prices are way up.

    Although this means higher labor costs, it also means clarity and a fixed employee cost for 6 years. If we do see what most people seem to be talking about now--persistent inflation--what Deere is going to pay may seem not high after all. If Deere can raise prices on tractors, they can actually expand margin. And they might just be first-movers on this one, where in 3 or 4 years other companies might have to pay a lot more.

    Also, currently there is a trend or shift to thinking about more than just profits. Ie about workers.

  • Northwestern U facing calls to completely abolish Greek life

    ... Two students at a two different frat houses said they were drugged. A spokesperson for the frat house AEPi said, "Our understanding is that the people responsible ARE NOT and HAVE NEVER been members of AEPi."

    A few years ago that frat house was suspended for a year because they gave alcohol to people under age 21, reportedly.

    One student said, "It's really important to believe the victims ..."

  • Biden mentions ' relentless diplomacy' after 'relentless war' in Afghanistan, at UN meeting

    ... amid a speech full of platitudes about the most common topics. He also mentioned 'human rights' and the UN Charter, which might make some viewers at home laugh. The US targets and goals he mentioned were the same as the past eras, and with the same language of urgency (in allying with the US?).

    He mentioned "leading the world toward a more peaceful, prosperous future for ALL people. Instead of continuing to fight the wars of the past we are fixing our eyes on [?Will we get something new or specific here? Nope.] devoting our resources to the challenges that hold the keys to our collective future." Climate, pandemic, global power dynamics, trade, cyber, 'the threat of terrorism as it stands today,' were what he mentioned.

  • Harvard resignation letter by Cornell West

    ... on Twitter (photo below).

    Top criticism BY (Indy Pirates): Narcissistic academic professionalism has always existed specially from professors towards students. This resignation is only about the lack of status and money, if they paid you more and gave you tenure everything else would not matter.