• WTO requires unanimous support from members to pass deals, but in the current global climate it doesn't seem to be able to pass anything

    Most recently, India was the sole opposition to a fishing restrictions bill. India pointed to Europe buying of gas from Russia and Biden visiting SA, and how those are justified as 'national interest.'

    Recently, India and S Africa wanted vaccine formulas but were denied. Only a couple countries supported them in the WTO.


  • According to Redacted, US proposed change so that authority would shift to WHO and not citizens' elected reps. Voted down only because of African countries (Western ones went along with it). This treaty, which rushes vaccines to people (without their consent), is called the "Right to Health" treaty.

    WHO a couple years ago (after Swine Flu) changed their definition of 'pandemic' away from the severity of the disease to just case numbers. So they could impose whatever measures as long as a certain number of people had a disease, regardless of what it was, it seems.

    #1 donor to WHO is Gates Foundation. Next Germany, then the US.

    A commenter on the video: The Nuremberg code consists of 10 principles, the first of which being that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential in any experiment on humans.

    How would this treaty relate with human and civil rights? Would it just override all of them?