• Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died, Russian media report | BBC News | BBC News - YouTube
    How one treats their prisoners is a mark of their nobleness and their size as a person. If one presumes to cage a person they are responsible for anything that happens to them while they have taken away their autonomous power of self-protection.
    Greed is a sign of poverty.
    A great person takes care of everyone within their tent. Magnanimity.

    Julian Assange: Wikileaks founder in last-ditch bid to avoid US extradition | BBC News - YouTube
    If his lawyers can't convince the judge, they can go to the European Court of Human rights to try to stop the plane from taking off.
    Julian Assange’s brother makes heartbreaking plea to bring him home | ABC News - YouTube
    A historical figure. His contribution to the West. To society. Ending the War in Iraq, possible because of one of the diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. ‘I’m immensely proud of the work he's done.'
    The Aus parliament and PM asked for Assange, and their ‘closest partner’ ostensibly, hasn't done so. The Aus ‘sense of a fair go’ that ‘Julian hasn’t gotten.'
  • Romance scammers target Americans - YouTube
    The scammers have playbooks. They all target the same thing, love and money.

    CIA terminates whistleblower prompting flood of sexual misconduct complaints | NewsNation Prime - YouTube

    Alberta RCMP officer charged for allegedly sharing non top secret data with Republic of Rwanda - YouTube

    22-year-old woman Jailed for over 8 years after falsely accusing 3 men of trafficking and raping her. : AllThatIsInteresting/

    FBI agent, others warn of Venezuelan gang entering into US - YouTube
    Extortion of businesses run by Venezuela etc. They have no record keeping in Venezuela, so US authorities don't know if they have a criminal or not.
  • Rite Aid to be barred from using facial recognition under proposed FTC settlement - YouTube
    They falsely tagged consumers as shoplifters.
    They took images and processed them with facial recognition without notifying customers.
    The Dolan family has gotten in trouble for using facial recognition for banning people they didn't like from Madison Square Garden.
    ‘Drug stores are not a place where people should be recorded.’
    Is there space in the market for ‘privacy stores', stores that explicitly state with signage they don't record or track you?

    Couple Loses the Multimillion Dollar African 'Mask Case' - YouTube
    You can't go get some of the money from something you used to own, that was later sold by someone else, France.
    The previous owners failed to exercise due diligence in evaluating thie artistic and historical value.
    They had said the art dealer who bought it mislead them. He said he didn't know it would be worth that much. When he found it was worth like $4m, he offered them $300k after the fact. He bought it for like $150.

    New Law Requires Police to Tell You Why They Pulled You Over - YouTube
    Cali starting Jan 1. 'For among other reasons, just so that they have a reason.' Otherwise, in some places, they'll just pull you over and ask you all kinds of questions, and may aggravate you, and then later tell you Oh you did this. Cali police will have to state their reason before asking any quesion on a subject.
    Now, in Cali, if they say, Hey your headlight is out, and then they say Where you comin from? you will realize that quesiton has nothing to do with the reason they pulled you over.
    To stop ‘pretextual stops’.
    ‘Do you know why I pulled you over’ puts you on the defensive immediately, and there is a tension there.
    Oakland Privacy.
    With the new law, the officer can still withhold the reason if he believes it is ‘necassary to protect life or property from imminent threat.'
    Constitutionally (Federal), police don't have to tell you why they pulled you over, the Supreme Court has said (they've also said police don't have to tell you why you're being arrested). State laws may require it.
    This is only California.

    Woman Sued for $250K by Singer's Reps to Stop Her Merchandise Sales - YouTube
    ‘That would be one of the problems with allowing people to be served by email.’ Some states (including Illinois) allow this. Their email landed in her junkmail folder and she missed the 21-day window. I have email accounts I don't check for years.
    The country singer called the woman personally and said they do have a team that goes after internional companies fake merch sellers who make millions, but he knows she's not doing that. He said it made him sick to his stomach. He sent her $11k, double what she's lost to medical bills for a heart condition. He's also going to make a similar profile on Tumblr, sell it and donate the proceeds to the woman. He invited her to a concert where he'll invite her on stage and give her a hug and apologize in person.
    Most summons are done in person. Some (like for big companies with a resident reciever for these mails) can be served by mail, with their cooperation. You can consent to electronic service, but you have to consent, in other states (not Illinois).
    Letho points out a good scam, where you can create a gmail account for the person you want to serve, serve them by email to that account, then log into that account and say you received it, and then the real person would have to prove that that's not their email account.

    Landlords Required To Build EV Chargers At Renters' Request New Illinois Law! - YouTube

    Giuliani Files for Bankruptcy - YouTube
    Intentional torts not discharged with bankruptcy, so he'll maintain the debt. He was found to have falsely accused 2 2020 election workers of fascilitating fraud. $168m in damages. ??

    SiriusXM Sued for How Hard it is to Cancel - YouTube

    Gas Station Near Airport Accused of Price Gouging - YouTube

    Controversial Florida law sends cities scrambling for new council members - YouTube
    Sharing net worth.

    Huge NEWS in Julian Assange Case: Lawsuit Against CIA for SPYING on Attorneys Will Proceed | Rising - YouTube

    Nightmare Squatters Inspire New Anti-Squatting Law - YouTube
    Better crafted than past failed lawsuits. First line of the suit is that we need independent journalism for democracy to work. It's a lawsuit not just about money. It's a gripe about input and output.
    The output has included verbatim text from NYT articles.
    The debate will be about fair use, the defense against copyright infringement.
    Millions of articles.
    Timing. Sue early. With Google during it's rise, it took journalism and payed nothing, until later we just consider that normal. Challenge assumptions before they become the norm.

    New York Times sues AI companies over copyright infringement - YouTube

  • Is the UK still a country? Can we still consider it to be one?
  • Mexican president Andres Obrador had sent a letter to Trump before Trump's term was over, saying he should pardon Assange

    Obrador got no response.

    Now, it is reported Obrador has made statements saying something like he would offer Assange asylum in Mexico.

    This is all according to things Obrador said publicly.

  • UK court ruled in US appeal that Assange can be extradited to US

    ... judges were reassured by US promises to reduce the risk of Assange's suicide.

    Assanges fiance and lawyers will appeal. The appeal will be on assurances, not on free speech of political motivation for extradition.

    But his lawyers can also try to reverse the judgement by challenging last January's findings that Assange's leaks ammounted to a crime. We don't know if such an appeal would be heard.

  • Assange extradition appeal trial underway

    US reps offering 'assurances' Assange will be treated OK. Assange reps highlighting CIA plans to kidnap, kill, etc.

  • Report shows CIA had made plans that included options to kill Assange in the embassy in London

    In 2017 the CIA under Pompeo (although the report showed the plans predated Pompeo although he pushed it forward) and the Trump Admin did some work making possible plans to kidnap and possibly kill Assange.

    The following statement can be attributed to Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) executive director Trevor Timm:

    “The CIA is a disgrace. The fact that it contemplated and engaged in so many illegal acts against WikiLeaks, its associates, and even other award-winning journalists is an outright scandal that should be investigated by Congress and the Justice Department. The Biden Administration must drop its charges against Assange immediately. The case already threatens the rights of countless reporters. These new revelations, which involve a shocking disregard of the law, are truly beyond the pale.”

    Trump, as everyone knows, called Assange a hero when he was running for pres, and people looked for him to pardon Assange before he left the White House, but he didn't, although he pardoned other people.

    The US has been trying to have Assange extradited from England to the US for trial, and now people are asking if a nation can legally extradite someone if they had made plans to possibly kill them. Experts say the UK could continue without paying attention to this all, because it's considering on very narrow grands the legitimacy of the US's appeal merits.

    According to YahooNews, the some Obama officials looking at reclassifying Assange and related journalists Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras (who were working on the Snowden documents at the time), as 'information brokers,' which would allow the government to get around a lot of legal guidelines they're expected to follow which prevented them from mounting various types of offensives against the journalists.

    A random commenter on this story wrote, "CIA wanted to assassinate a journalist? They're no better than the Saudi's with Jamal Khashoggi if that's the case. DISGUSTING!"

    Michael Isikoff, Chief Investigative Correspondent at YahooNews

    #YahooNews #Assange #US #FPF
  • Dan Ellsberg interviewed by Tutsi Gabbard (US Rep Hawaii)

    (In 2019 or 2020)

    "I was the first person charged under the charges he [Assange I think he's talking about] is now facing. But I was charged as a source, and there wasn't one for 10 years after that. ... and then 3 and 9 and 1 other. There were 3 cases and then 9 under Obama. They were all either plea bargains or won in court. It's never gone to the Supreme Court.

    "Mainly they were sources like me, and they were using the Espionage Act, which was designed for spies, and has no provision in it for pleading any public interest. You can't argue in court. I wasn't allowed to speak in court to answer the question--I spoke for four and a half days--but I wasn't allowed to answer the question, 'Why did you copy the Pentagon Papers?'

    "So my lawyer, a consitution lawyer, said, 'Your honor, I've never heard of a case where the defendant was not allowed to tell the jury why he did what he did,' and Judge Burns said, 'Well, you're hearing one now,' and that's been true of every case since then..

    "So you can't get a fair trial as a whistleblower. ... you can't say anything about what the impact has been, whether there was harm, what you wanted to accomplish.

    "But it was never meant to be an official secrets act, a British type official secret s act. ... and in fact they said at the time, in 1917 when they passed this, we don't want an official secret act. The question was could you use it against a source like me. Well, that never had been done since 1917. So it was an experiment with me.

    ... But the new thing about this [Assange] is that it's the first time a journalist has been tried as a defendent, and that makes it into a full British official secrets act.

    "So it's not even just that he can't argue motives effectively, as a journalist he should not be ... it's always been clear to papers that sources, like me, should not be tried under the Espionage Act where they can't plead public interest at all. But the newspapers never got behind us very much.
  • In 2021 people's impression of Assange

    Top YouTube questions:

  • Assange case: Bit of progress for US gov side

    Many are heartbroken.

    Last January a London court (Judge Baraitser) ruled he couldn't be extradited to the US over concerns of 'risk of suicide' (and some mental health concerns) while not opposing the US gov on the more central political issue.

    In the US's appeal, now Britain's High Court has granted permission to the US to expand their grounds for appealing the decision to not send Assange to the US.

    Next trail date is Oct 29.

    APnews: US granted more grounds to appeal on Assange extradition  
  • British MPs and protesters go to Belmarsh prison demanding Assange be allowed access to them

  • Assange case witness says he lied to US officials to get immunity

    Many have commented that the mainstream media have been quiet about this revelation.

    Assange has been in a UK prison since April 2019 since Equador gave him up (removed their protection of him in their embassy in London). Extradition to the US for trial was recently denied, but not on the merits on the case, but rather on humanitarian grounds.

    The Icelander, who back in the early Wikileaks days had been a volunteer, had been convicted of forgery, fraud and some 'sex crimes,' and is, according to Assange's legal representatives, a dubious source.