• Trump announced he would run in 2024 last week

    He gave a long announcement speech. Some commented he seemed more tired than last time.

  • Musk did a Twitter poll to ask if Trump should be reinstated

    Then tweeted that the people have spoken, and reinstated Trump's account

    Trump reportedly said he preferred to stay on his Truth Social app, and that Twitter had too many bots and fake accounts.

    Trump has under 5m followers on both apps.

  • FBI Searches Trump's Home in Unprecedented Move - YouTube

  • Mexican president Andres Obrador had sent a letter to Trump before Trump's term was over, saying he should pardon Assange

    Obrador got no response.

    Now, it is reported Obrador has made statements saying something like he would offer Assange asylum in Mexico.

    This is all according to things Obrador said publicly.

  • Trump signs deal to publish Truth Social

    A social media platform to combat the tyranny of Big Tech.

    He was banned from Twitter and Facebook after the Capitol Riots / "Insurrection".

    He signed with Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC). It's stock was up like 350% for the day, and up another 40% by 8pm.

  • Trump interview, talks about 'surviving' in role of president

    He was asked in an interview with FoxNews this month what was hard about being pres. He said:

    "Well, I had 2 forms of presidency. Number 1 I had to run the country, work on the world, and do things. In the other one I had to survive. The survival was much tougher, because I had fake Muller people coming after me, I had 19 really haters after me. I had every form of law enforcement after me. It started from the day I came down the escalator. It never stops. I had every prosecutor after me. They're looking at deals I did years and years ago. I forgot about them. ... But if you don't survive, you can't do a good job in terms of running."

    "... with Pelosi and Schumer and all of them. That was probably the toughest. Far tougher than a lot of world leaders."
  • Trump held his first rally since leaving office

    He left office Jan 20. He hasn't done anything really public except a few interviews since then.

    He doesn't have options for speaking to the public he used to have, since Twitter and Facebook banned him earlier this year.