• Oil and gas companies perhaps not welcom at COP26 summit

    This was raised by Steve Sedgwick at CNBC. He asked the COP president at a press meeting, but the pres, Alok Sharma, avoided answering it.

  • Merkel at last press conference says 'we' did not do enough for global warming goal (keeping it under 2 degrees)

    ... and that this is why 'we need to step up our efforts.' She was in power 16 years.

  • Floods: Germany had massive floods causing over 100 deaths, and China's Henan had 8 months worth of rain in a day

    China reported 33 deaths. Roughly $200m in damage, expected that estimate will be increased.

    Media censorship in China again highlighted. Government-controlled media, no critical media to investigate and ask critical questions. Social media accounts that ask about role of authorities get deleted and censored.

    One question is whether local authorities warned citizens soon enough. A counterargument is that they had no reason to expect that much rain (once in a lifetime situation).

    Chinese people's political double-standards in a strictly-controlled information environment also at issue: state media covered German floods, Siberian forest fires, Canada heat wave, and drew climate change conclusions. But when something similar happens in China they focus on it as being just an exceptional event.
  • Maybe 1b shellfish died off Canadian shores due to June heat

    Highest recorded June temps.