• Report: Canadian generosity hits lowest point in 20 years - YouTube

    Dumb 'Promposal' Ends in Injury and Lawsuits. - YouTube
    All to make a video to post online for the public.

    Elon Musk Plans to Open a University in Texas - YouTube
    #Education #Musk

    Boston Mayor Hosts NO WHITES Holiday Party for 'ELECTEDS OF COLOR' ONLY: Rising Reacts - YouTube

    The grift is not something to be embarassed about ‘anymore’. It's now seen as high status, because the most visibly high status people are all doing it. There's also no point in ‘investigating’ it for journalists, because the people are doing it like bragging. Anything promising a way out for a no-way-out situation looks good to people, where no one making minimum wage can afford a 2-bedroom anywhere.

    The Downfall of Amazon: Dangerous Products, Fake Reviews & Vanishing Brands - YouTube

    ‘The ability to order something at 9pm and have it arrive at 7am the next causes me to make impulse purchases that I wouldn’t otherwise do.' - Louis Rossman. Combine this with an online store that has a lot of very low quality products. There's nowadays much less brand name things on Amazon, and have been replaced with low quality. In the stores, little items like screws are often stolen out of the bags, Rossman noted, even if he'd rather go there and pay a bit of a premium.

    Someone said ‘the branded era is over,’ meaning that because of reviews you would no longer have to look for a trusted brand and could buy a no name with good reviews. However, on a system like Amazon they're stuffed with fake reviews.

    ‘No name products that have really good reviews that are complete garbage.’

    As a seller, Amazon has given full refunds for people who buy a product, the wrong product for what they need (like a computer screen), then destroy it (trying to make if fit), then message Amazon for a refund, all in a few hours. As a seller, you pay for that.

    Rossman thinks that the people still selling on Amazon are people who make the type of (low quality) product that can't compete on a (better) type of marketplace.
  • There are only two majors that translate into reasonably well-paying jobs outside of universities: computer science and petroleum engineering - Thiel

  • "Because Afghanistan is different" - Fatima Gailani

    "This is not an Afghanistan that came out of a very bitter, ugly civil war of the Mujahedin."

    "It's an Afghanistan of educated people. It's an Afghanistan of men and women seen in important positions. This is an Afghanistan where people can go on radio, television and criticize their governments, the leaders."

    Are they doing that now? "They are doing that now. How long they will continue ... But no one could shut them up. That one thing I know."

    "If anyone is interested in governing Afghanistan, they have to accept the new Afghanistan. Never in the history of Afghanistan was it that way."


  • NJ passes law mandating civics class for all middle schoolers

    (This happened several months ago. Supposed to be mandatory in 2022/2023 school year)

    "The insurrection was alarming to many people and served as a wakeup call that we need to prepare future generations about civics and government." - Sen Shirley Turner (D)

    "So maybe 30 years of not having civics, this is what you get." - Arlene Gardner, President of NJ Center for Civic Education, who is developing the curriculum

    "One of the areas that we've really started working on is those skills for having a CIVIL discourse when you disagree with people."

  • China targets education companies to reduce stress in children and cut parenting costs

    'All private tutoring firms now must register as NGOs, they're banned from raising funds from the stock markets and foreign investment ... Those who have violated the regulations shall be cleaned up and rectified,' says the document circulating on state TV.

    EdTech firms have been funded by Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and Didi.

    Tutoring classes are banned on weekends, public holidays, school vacations, and after 9pm.

    Publicly traded companies in the sector were down between 25 and 60%.

    Clashing policies: China wants international champions, but also wants to crack down on those who'd like to do that. Chinese people don't know what to think about these conflicting policies and it's difficult to get them to talk about it in public or even in private, reportedly.

    The reason has something to do with China wanting more babies, and the barrier to this caused by costs to parents for educating children.

    Reportedly, the Chinese public is happy with this, as they are relieved from an expectation that comes with a large cost.

  • Virginia still top business state

    ... according to CNBC's annual state competitiveness rankings. It's done very well in the past 15 years in this survey.

    Reasons include a strong workforce (40% have at least a bachelors, according to the US Census Bureau, although the state has a relative shortage of workers and relatively few outsiders move there for work - it also has slightly below-average unemployment) and solid education system, reportedly.

    Virginia scored high points in Cost of Doing Business, Infrastructure, Life Health and Inclusion (formerly Quality of Life), and Workforce. Although its score for Education looks low in its rankings, it represents the second highest state after Mass. and CNBC considers it key to winning the survey.

    'Education is the best tool we have to make our Commonwealth a better, more equitable place for everyone,' according to Gov. Northam.

    Virginia like other US states is currently focusing heavily on change in the form of forcing diversity, sustainability and connectivity. It also has a high cost of living and high wages.

    The other top 5 were N.C., Utah, Texas and Tennessee.