• Why a Senate bill could see Pornhub blocked in Canada | TECH NEWS - YouTube
    Digital IDs or facial recognition.

    FBI informant Smirnov arrested again over charges on false Hunter Biden reports - YouTube
    Same charges?

    Two Montreal universities launch lawsuits against the Quebec government - YouTube
    For tuition hikes.

    Dominican hospital charges Atlanta couple $7,100, refuses to give itemized bill - YouTube

    Case Adjourned When Jurors Can't Be Found Who Are Willing to Convict - YouTube
    Voir dire. $500 fine for feeding the homeless without the city's permission in Houston.
    90 tickets have been issued since March against volunteers of this organization (not an individual) which serves meals near the city library. City has lost every case.
    Voir dire often comes up in murder and assault in cases where people have strong feelings about things, and in capital punishment.
    Jury nulificaiton can also happen when a jury agrees about guilt but still aquit. Often they disagree with the law. Is this guy a criminal or a good neighbor?
    Sometimes a jury says, 'The prosecution has one version, and the defence has a completely different version, and I'm actually buying THAT version.'
    Sometimes the person has excuses for what they've done, and that excuse might not rise to where the court's gonna say ‘If you find this you can acquit.’ But a jury looking at the facts might say say I understand that what they did was illegal, but I understand why they did it, and I think I woulda done it, you woulda done it, I think reasonable people would've done that, considering the circumstances. So I can't vote to convict that person.

    Company That Sweeps Up License Plate Data Faces Class Action Trial in May - YouTube
    They use license plate scanners, drive around, develop location data on cars and sell that to marketers. 22m plates per month are scanned by this company.
    Not consistent with civil liberties, it is argued. Mass surveilance program. Detailed picture of people lives, home, other peoples' homes, doctors, place of worship, businesses they frequent.
    Is there something intrusive about this? Sweeping up the info on a plate, not just the person who happens to be there at that moment unconnected to the person anyway. But building a detailed profile of people.
    Defense says no one has been directly harmed.
    According to a Cali 2016 law that says if you sue for a broken law, you can get minimum $2500. 22m people times that. The plaintiff may also want equable relief ie to make them stop.

    Teachers sue Gavin Newsom for forcing them to lie about students' gender - YouTube (Fox)

    City to Install Speed Cameras on Interstate for 'Safety' - YouTube
    'Other cities that have implemented similar measures have seen a massive increase in revenue.' A money printing machine, paid for by citizens, many from out of state. You don't have to pay the machine a salary either.

    "There's NO such thing as PARENTAL RIGHTS in Canada" - YouTube
    ‘It’s dangerous and harmful' to do what he doesn't want lawmakers to do, and the way they talk about it is ‘hateful.’ The people in question are ‘just trying to be kids.’
    Commenter: "Someone with rights but no responsibilities is a tyrant.
    Someone with responsibilities but no rights is a slave."

    HOA sends him 1 dozen-plus parking tickets, but he doesn’t own a car - YouTube
    These things should mandatorily have a papertrail of who touched a procedure, with either their name or id number on a list on the actual document the person gets.

    Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and Altman began a year ago, says Musk biographer Walter Isaacson - YouTube
    Motivations? Relationship started in 2012. Musk worried about AI getting out of control. They had made OpenAI opensource, nonprofit. Falling out and Altman decided it wasn't going to be any longer opensource or nonprofit. Musk wanted to go back to original documents about what the project was, and saw, the biographer says, they would wind up in court. Altman had offered Musk shares and said he could make money off it. Musk doesn't want money really, he wants OpenAI opened up to opensource, as the original documents said, so it can't run out of control.
    You can't take an opensource, nonprofit and turn it into what they're doing now (something pretty much controlled by Microsoft), is the issue, the biographer said.
    They had a bunch of founding documents, the emails between the two men talking about it.
  • Report: Canadian generosity hits lowest point in 20 years - YouTube

    Dumb 'Promposal' Ends in Injury and Lawsuits. - YouTube
    All to make a video to post online for the public.

    Elon Musk Plans to Open a University in Texas - YouTube
    #Education #Musk

    Boston Mayor Hosts NO WHITES Holiday Party for 'ELECTEDS OF COLOR' ONLY: Rising Reacts - YouTube

    The grift is not something to be embarassed about ‘anymore’. It's now seen as high status, because the most visibly high status people are all doing it. There's also no point in ‘investigating’ it for journalists, because the people are doing it like bragging. Anything promising a way out for a no-way-out situation looks good to people, where no one making minimum wage can afford a 2-bedroom anywhere.

    The Downfall of Amazon: Dangerous Products, Fake Reviews & Vanishing Brands - YouTube

    ‘The ability to order something at 9pm and have it arrive at 7am the next causes me to make impulse purchases that I wouldn’t otherwise do.' - Louis Rossman. Combine this with an online store that has a lot of very low quality products. There's nowadays much less brand name things on Amazon, and have been replaced with low quality. In the stores, little items like screws are often stolen out of the bags, Rossman noted, even if he'd rather go there and pay a bit of a premium.

    Someone said ‘the branded era is over,’ meaning that because of reviews you would no longer have to look for a trusted brand and could buy a no name with good reviews. However, on a system like Amazon they're stuffed with fake reviews.

    ‘No name products that have really good reviews that are complete garbage.’

    As a seller, Amazon has given full refunds for people who buy a product, the wrong product for what they need (like a computer screen), then destroy it (trying to make if fit), then message Amazon for a refund, all in a few hours. As a seller, you pay for that.

    Rossman thinks that the people still selling on Amazon are people who make the type of (low quality) product that can't compete on a (better) type of marketplace.
  • Ackman getting props for calling the top of rates.

    Musk did a 1.5 hour interview with Andrew CNBC at a NYT summit. A lot of it was dwelling on criticism (over X twitter). He said he doesn't care if people hate him, told blackmailing “” ad spenders to fuck off, and they will cause X to fail. A lot of the conversation was about ‘hate’ for Musk, ‘trust/not’ of Musk. He should learn to reframe this, since this is not a pleasant occurance, that people will even think of hate/not in the Musk conversation. He should just say his resume is public and long, and that he doesn't know how many times people need him to say the same thing but state it once more for them.

    NYC Comptroller urges Tesla board to hold Elon Musk accountable - YouTube

    Sandy Munro: Death Threats, Tesla & Short Sellers - YouTube

    ‘All State action causes more harm than what it is supposed to correctl’ - #Milei
    Javier Milei: Feminist Ideology Is Destroying Argentina - YouTube
    ‘it is a violent action that harms the right to private property and in the end, limits our freedom.’
    'We believe that liberalism entails the unrestricted respect for the lives of others, rooted in a principle of non-aggression, and the defense of life, liberty, and property.

    Milei is known for his flamboyant personality, distinctive personal style, and strong media presence. He has been described politically as a far-right populist, right-wing libertarian, and ultraconservative. Economically a neoliberal or ultraliberal and supporter of laissez-faire capitalism, he aligns specifically with minarchist and anarcho-capitalist principles. He has proposed a comprehensive overhaul of the country's fiscal and structural policies. Milei supports freedom of choice on drug policy, guns, prostitution, same-sex marriage, sexual preference, and gender identity, while opposing abortion and euthanasia. In foreign policy, he advocates for closer relations with the United States, supporting Ukraine in response to Russia's invasion, and distancing Argentina from geopolitical entanglement with China.

    A social conservative, Milei opposes abortion and euthanasia,[131][132] is indifferent to same-sex marriage, and supports privatization in education and healthcare. He opposes mandatory vaccination, and supports drug legalization and the legalization of prostitution.[133][134] As a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, Milei advocates deregulation of firearm ownership and proposes immigration restrictions for criminals.[1][135] In foreign policy, Milei criticizes the IMF,[136] opposes trade unions,[137] aligns with anti-socialist figures like Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro,[138][139] and prioritizes alliances with the United States and Israel.[140][141] He is cautious about relations with China,[142] supports Ukraine against Russia,[143] and advocates dialogue about the Falklands War.[48]
  • Now, there's more technology and less people actually touching things. So less journalists actually touching the story and less editors fact checking, and more opinion. Twitter used to provide access to these stories and places news wouldn't be, Zeihan commented, and this is how Twitter was in like 2014.

    False information is 90% of Zeihans feed now, he said, because Musk has done away with content moderation, although he said it had gotten better (before Musk) when they took out the Russian bots. He also like that, because he had 100k followers, he could immediately engage (they would respond to his account) with other users who could be sources for him. He said pornbots and cryptoscams get through to him.

    Ziehan said that he thought Musk was showing himself to be ‘just an unapologetic apartheid-era white South African.’ Why I'm Done With Twitter (or 'X' or whatever you call it) || Peter Zeihan - YouTube

    A commenter on Zeihan's video: ‘I agree Twitter/X has gone to crap, though it was always just crap of a different color. I disagree on why you are leaving, Peter. You stayed throughout it all but put your foot down only when Elon told Bob of Disney to go F himself, which is a very unpopular thing to do amongst the media overlords but overwhelmingly popular with the People. Racism is, as always, the card played but your hand is full of Jokers in a huff because someone said no to being held at gunpoint by cancel culture.’

    Another: 'To everyone here whining because he said something that's hard to accept, not everyone has time to wade through the bs free speech to find the good free speech. X needs to improve community notes fast. More people like Peter are checking out and soon this wonderful free speech experiment will just be another echo chamber.'

    Disney BACKLASH! Thousands CANCEL Disney Plus after Elon Musk calls out CEO Bob Iger! - YouTube
    Sony last month cut off access for users to Twitter/X.
    After Musk's recent talked-about statement F you to advertisers, hi Bob (only person specifically called out), some former Dis+ users have been posting Tweets of themselves cancelling their Dis+ membership.
    An election is coming up, and the other platforms are owned, and people consider X to be the only real chance at a fair information election. Without X, Dems who control all the other platforms could censor/control information pretty entirely. Tucker raised this issue.
    #XTwitter #Musk
    Some people think Iger wants to run for pres sometime.
  • AI pin by a company called Humane. It's worn on your breast and takes photo and audio. Camera glasses were also relaunced (after the version attempted years ago ended with people getting punched for wearing them). Public spaces will no longer be fun except for vloggerwhores, unless there is publicPrivacy laws passed or the punching people become common.

    Socially negative products.

    With social media, you can go on and set the record straight, even after the entire media attacks you, successfully labels you, the state processes you as suits them. You can go on and say, if you think so, come see how I live my life. - Schreli said this stuff


    Community Notes. For one to be shown, people who have historically disagreed must agree in order for a note to be shown. #Musk on X/Twitter

    All the code and all the data are open source and can be reproduced.

    Tesla never learn what pedestrians or cars or anything are. It learnt itself from video.

    ‘Well, how do you know it won’t get the idea to murder us (AGI, which should be able to enter into any state, have any idea)? Well, that's the problem that has beset us forever. And that's the problem that was solved with liberalism and the enlightenment. And now we know how to do it. We know how to bring people up in a society that makes it extremely unlikely that they will become enemies of civilization. ... But it's not inevitable. It will all depend on what we chose to do.' - Deutch Explains


    Microsoft is getting OpenAI now, I guess. The organization/relationships were compromised and made a mess, after which they can offer deals. It seems they have it as either deal the workers take, they get them. Years/months ago, Musk noted Microsoft would probably get OpenAI.

    People have commented on how big an effect SF has had, since in Silicone Valley almost no companies have any ability to protect company secrets (due in part to California law interpreting noncompete or something). People can leave anytime and reuse what they know, so it might mostly depend on compensation. Is there anything in their model that favors morality/human rights?



  • People have been pondering if Musk is the new biggest Republican media mogul

  • No one buys anything from Twitter, but lots buy from Insta. Why?

    Twitter was algo-coded to maximize impressions, which maximizes irrelevance (said Musk). Because if you click on an ad you lose 40% of your impressions total.

    "An ad that is highly relevant is content. An ad that is irrelevant is spam"

    "As relevant to people's needs as possible."

    Is this what it's like for Tech CEOs to work with code developers? Is it just because in this industry the skilled workers are younger than in other industries? Is this a stage in the industry where next year's top wanted developers learn how to work with their director?

    Or is there a question about how can you get tech coder workers to become workers who can work with other people? (if they just work alone all the time, have super high demand and so don't need to adjust themselves to their companies, and have high salaries)

  • In legacy Big Tech (Facebook, Tesla), the vision means less and there's less premium from the founder, maybe

    Bill George said he thinks Zuckerburg might be tired. A year ago he changed the name of the company, which George thought might mean he was abandoning Facebook, and that Zuckerburg should hire a CEO and Zuckerburg could go be chair and chief creative officer in and focus on VR. He's spending $10b per year.

    "Someone has to restore [Facebook and Instagram], and if someone doesn't set some standards for the companies (both Musk and Zuckerburg), we're going to have forced regulations, which no one wants."

    The founders were seen as 'visionaries'. Not necessarily 'competent CEOs.'

  • Musk making some statements in favor of free speech that seem sort of antagonistic to liberals (woke etc)

    Is this the best plan to keep an inclusive, pluralistic platform?

    #Musk #Twitter
  • Big follower number changes day after Musk bought Twitter

    Obama down 300k, Katy Perry down 200k. A Republican congresswoman and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil went up 100k followers.

    They said this was caused by organic changes (left wingers leaving platform, right wingers joining).

  • Does Twitter becoming private make it more competitive versus FB, Snap, etc?

    Mark Mahaney of Evercore: "I think Musk is doing something that a lot of investors should do which is that there's a lot of really good tech assets out there that are at very low prices. Yes, Elon Musk offered a 50% premium but it was on a stock that was off 50% since it's highs."

  • Musk bought Twitter

    I didn't create a new Twitter account. From his first tweet, I didn't feel pulled back for any reason or anything.

    Someone wrote: "I’m not worried about the “rich guy who owns #Tesla now owns @Twitter. But I am at least slightly concerned that the guy who owns @neuralink and founded @OpenAI now owns the information graph on 300+ million users."

    Perhaps this will shake up social media though, which has been stagnant and widely hated (while being enjoyed) for years and years. We haven't seen any new activity, types of social media, companies, stances toward users and rights, we've just seen new more potent attention-retaining algos like Snapchat and TikTocks viral video streams.

    He bought it for $44b (a value of $54.20 per share).

    Analyists have said there is no downside to his investment, since the Board has done basically nothing since the 2013 IPO, and unlimited upside.

    That he'll attract lots of talent to fix the problems, since everyone wants to work for Musk.

    He has said that he wants the most extreme right and extreme left to both be equally unhappy on the platform. That moderates might want to come back.

    People don't think Musk will want to be CEO. He has a lot of suits to chose from in his other companies, competent people who will just never become CEO where they are.

    Some are saying this will be bad for the Woke movement / people.

    Several social media personalities, celebs, athletes expressed they were happy because they'd been shadowbanned or wanted more free speech.

    Josh Brown, who left Twitter even though he had a million followers, commented saying big celebrities who've left (Kardashians) aren't coming back. There's no way to bring them back. The bigger your account get the more the experience isn't good. Who wants to open up the app in the morning and see 50 negative things said about them? Some people will stay, people who have very thick skins or basically invite controversy.

    Someone tweeted, and Bezos resplied to it, that China may have gained leverage over public discussion, since it can withhold something Tesla needs unless Musk does what it wants on Twitter.

    Some have said Don't fool yourself he did it because he sees sure financial gain. This seems unlikely to me. But also reasonable. Some have talked recently about what will happen when Republicans retake the US government. It might happen in 2 years, or in 6, but sometime it will happen. After Biden was elected and Trump was still in office, most BigTech social media, including Twitter, banned President Trump and other Republicans. What do you think will happen to those companies when a Republican is in office again? The actions taken against SM will be at least in name taken for 'freedom of speech.'

    Musk may expect this will happen in 2 years, given the unpopularity of Biden. Also, this year is midterms (in November), when all the House faces reelections for their 2-year terms, and lots of the senators. The uncertainty of a midterm year traditionally has a downward effect on markets.

    Stock went up 6%. Price per share now is $52.87.

    His first tweet after buying it, and a Bezos tweet a little later.

  • Musk tweeted "Love me tender" with music notes

    People think he'll make a tender offer. He has to show he has sufficient funds, though. There are no competing offers, so analysts say if he has the money he'll own Twitter.

  • Musk bought like 10% of Twitter stock

    Stock rose 25%. It went down a bit in the following days, but is still up significantly.

    A few days earlier he engaged with the public on his Twitter, asking about if Twitter respects democracy and stuff and what should be done, and people wondered if he might buy a majority in Twitter for a few billion.

    A few days after buying his 10% in stoc, he offered to buy all of Twitter for like $40b or something. It wasn't accepted. News is discussing it.

  • Musk says his Starlink internet service up and running in Ukraine

    ... after the Ukraine govt contacted him and asked.

    It had been planned to happen in 2023.

    You need a dish and router to connect, though.

    It's been called by some commentators "a perfect situation for this."

    Not an individual level solution, but one that can be controlled by governments, apparently. Also one that Ukraine's government would be indebted for getting.