• Russians vote in election without viable opposition candidates - YouTube

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls on SEC to investigate Tesla - YouTube

  • The ‘Tiktok ban’ law is ‘not just a Tiktok ban’ says Sacks. It could be the new Patriot Act. E170: Tech's Vibe Shift, TikTok ban debate, Vertical AI boom, Florida bans lab-grown meat & more - YouTube ‘The worst ideas are bipartisan.’ This one was 50-0. Not 47.3, not 42.8. There was hardly any debate. The may have been ‘stampeded’ into passing it.
    ‘My alarm bells go off when DC acts with this kind of unanimity, because the only time they do that, when they become a uniparty, is when the national security state wants some new power. Entry into Iraq War, Patriot Act.’
    ‘They always cite classification when they don’t want the public to know something.'
    If this is about we can't have our apps in China but their are here, and we want to stop that, put it in a trade bill, said Sacks. This isn't in a trade bill, it just gives new powers to the government to define foreign adversary controlled applications and websites.
    What does this app do that other apps don't do? It hasn't been shown.
    There's so many AGs going after Facebook and Insta and other tech companies, making their bones, and could go after ByteDance, yet none are. Why not? and suddenly 100% support for this law.
    Remedy not narrowly tailored, and law will lead to weaponization.
    The Patriot Act was written with sunset provisions, but although it expired in 2020 without being reauthorized, government agencies retain most of the authorities granted by the act.
    Secret Tiktok Ban Hearings / Lobbying - YouTube
    Although there are political differences among people, ‘we should be able to come together on these issues like ... mass surveillance’. ‘It is a major threat to your rights.’
    They want to ‘collect data that can’t be collected right now.'
    The idea that TikTok is dangeous because it seeds misinformation or discontent in America. ‘No one seeds more discontent than the MSM in the US. They pit political parties against each other on a constant basis.’
    ‘Vague language is always alarming ... because everyone who is under this legislation is at risk.’
    FOSS developers are in every country including foreign adversaries. ‘That doesn’t mean they have misaligned influence.'
    Tiktok may be becoming a problem for ‘the Israeli establishiment.’ Billionaires.
    The work of journalists going undercover. Those involved are ... taking money from the pro-Israel lobby.
    ADL policing speech. APAC funding politiicans, who can fund and run a candidate against you if they don't like your platform or speech.
    Trudeau's new online censorship law - Problems with Bill C-63 / the Online Arms Law - YouTube

    Another State Does Away w/Mandatory Bar Exam for Attorneys - YouTube

    DOJ has sued Apple over iPhone monopoly.
    One argument: When Apple encounters competitive threats, it doesn't lower prices, but rather imposes a ‘series of shapeshifting rules and restrictions in its App Store guidelines and dev agreements.’ ... ‘Blocks, essentially, that forces people to stay.’
    ‘Peak Apple’ has been said by some.
    To a challenge that Android phone users couldn't send videos to people they knew, Cook responded ‘Buy your mom an iPhone.’
    The issue has been talked about in terms of government wants Apple to be integrative with nonApple products. Apple has always had this policy. Consumers are paying for this product.
    A sort of ‘democrat’ view is that ‘Apple will keep abusing power until they’re checked' and so they have to be checked. They want ‘the industry to stand for more interoperability’.
    Point of reference is when Microsoft (which had 95% of the market at that time for PCs) tried to dominate search with a browser, and how they would have continued. 'They had substantial market power and what they were in the process of doing was the smart thing from the business standpoint. They would have killed the competing browser, then baked their own into Windows, and with that you control search. They were trying to break html and openStandards and using all kinds of funky code. They were telling computer makers that they could get Windows for cheap (or free?) with the browser bundle, or pay $150 each computer without the browser monopoly thing. Same thing Google does on phones with Android basically.
    I would probably say that for that particular issue, it is fine as long as the company is small (10% of market or less). Another tactic would be for Android to deny interrelation with Apple until Apple permits it.

    Reddit IPOd. How will they monetize?

    UK Police Force told: 'Women who criticise gender ideology should be treated as terrorists' - YouTube

    Google fined 250 million euros for using news articles to train chatbot | BBC News - YouTube

    A law in US will reduce real estate agent commissions by shifting it from (current) seller pays 6% in a contract when he lists, to buyer and seller each pay 2% or 3% or so. No buyer will agree to this, it is considered. They can look on Redfin and go look at the house themselves.
    The current way is considered to be a kind of a racket, which only works because the seller pays it and is sort of force to.
    You buy a house for $1m and then sell it for $1.1, but have to pay $60k to an agent. A great service by an agent might get $1.2 whereas a bad one might get 800k.
    They might remove half the fees in the industry this way.
    Agents might start to work hourly. Or they might change a fee rather than a commission, for various homebuying services. Or a flat rate plus percentage ($1m house means $10k, plus 10% over that price ... or and 20% for the next hundred K over the price), flat fee guaranteed plus commission for performance.
    Opportunity for startups, leveraging AI.

  • Frustrated Oakland business owners threaten to stop paying taxes - YouTube
    The one thing citizens can do against government, many thinkers have said, and which I don't think I've ever seen happen.
    Elevated taxes and not providing safety.

    Shoppers Drug Mart says it doesn't have medication review targets. Records show it does - YouTube
    Apparently, pharmacists have quotas or targets for getting customers to agree to pay for medication reviews. Many actual pharmacists contacted CBC to say this is the case. Pay goes to government, pharmacy, and corporation.
    This started when the Covid vaccine business started to wane after the Canadian pandemic measures.

  • Haitian gang leader threatens civil war if PM doesn't resign - YouTube

    Campaigns using each other's weaknesses to be key in U.S. election: Trubowitz - YouTube

    USA has two different countries right now.

  • SNC BOMBSHELL: Trudeau obstructed criminal investigation into HIMSELF says RCMP - YouTube (the opposition)

    ‘Fair food prices for all’: Group calls for federal intervention on grocery prices - YouTube

    EU regulators fining Apple €1.8 billion over Apple Music - YouTube

    California’s Budget Deficit Jumps From $58 Billion to $73 Billion As Tax Revenue Declines - YouTube
    High earners went to Florida and Texas.
    A couple years ago Cali had a $100b surplus, which was spent on one-time projects and ‘no one can tell me where it went.’
    Suppressive of small business with regulations. Zero emissions by 2035.
    Cali still has a strong economy, but it's just not bringing in as much money.

    Frank Luntz on 2024 race: Whichever candidate steps aside, that's the party that wins the election - YouTube

  • Suspended public servants say they're being scapegoated over ArriveCan app - YouTube

    'Who elected George Soros to dictate laws?': El Salvador President Bukele blasts global elites - YouTube

    84% voted for Bukele, and 54 seats out of 60, in the recent election. Salvador has gone from one of the most dangerous, criminal countries to one of the safest in the Western Hemisphere.
    'Who elected George Soros to dictate laws?': El Salvador President Bukele blasts global elites - YouTube

    Matt Taibbi: Intel Blob COOKED THE BOOKS In 2016 Probe; Russians Wanted HILLARY, Not Trump - YouTube
    Intelligence agencies favor and put a finger on the scales for Democrats, the Hill thinks.

    LIVE: Shocking documents reveal Trudeau covered up massive PRC infiltration of his government’s t… - YouTube (the opposition)

  • Super yachts, mansions and gross wealth profited from government contracts | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube

    RFK Jr.: I’m Creating A New Political Party - YouTube
    The current law protects the party system. Hard to get on the ballot as an independent. Cali requires 219k signatures to put an independent on the ballot. New party requires 75k party registrations.
    He wants to call his party ‘We the People’. That will be confusing.

    Auditor general releases report that ArriveCAN app cost taxpayers $60m - YouTube

    US Senator Welch votes against sending money to Israel to support Gaza bombing campaign - YouTube
    Biden delivers remarks on Senate passage of the bipartisan supplemental agreement - 2/13/24 - YouTube

    Biden blasts Trump for “un-American” NATO remarks, highlights urgency of $95B aid bill - YouTube

    ArriveCAN: Reporters who exposed COVID-19 app discuss controversy | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos - YouTube
    4 person team. $250m in contracts since 2015.
    ‘Two guys, the work from home. They have no office.’ ‘Neither of them do any IT work at all.’

    Trump "hush money" case to be 1st criminal trial of a former U.S. president - YouTube

    Javier Milei delivers Argentina's first monthly budget surplus in 12 years - YouTube

    CBC News - YouTube
  • Tokyo gets US CDC office as Japan strengthens own responsesーNHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS - YouTube

    Biden campaign joins TikTok - YouTube

    Cost of ArriveCan unknown due to 'glaring disregard' of record-keeping, AG finds - YouTube
    15 years ago people couldn't get accurate immigration stats because the government (Harper at that time I think) changed how they classified people, obscuring the demographics beyond usefulness.

    Total cost of ArriveCan app 'impossible to determine,' AG finds - YouTube

  • Police Now Need a Warrant to Access Ring Footage - YouTube

    Causing Someone to Stop Walking is Now a Crime in Vegas - YouTube

    Blinding headlights are growing problem on US roads - YouTube

    Is he for real? Destruction of evidence isn't viewed as criminal act by Trudeau government - YouTube

    City Sues to Keep Its Police Chase Policy Hidden - YouTube
    Because police have rules for when they will continue a police chase and when they will not pursue further becaues negatives outweigh positives.
    But now a bystander was struck and killed during a chase. They want to know if the police were following their policy at the time.
    They have the Freedom and Information Act in Texas.

    Anna Paulina Luna Asks If Hillary Clinton Or Stacey Abrams Should Be Charged With 'Insurrection' - YouTube
    #Terrorism #Politics

    Ford government's wage restraint law deemed unconstitutional - YouTube
    Bill 124. Workers could be eligible for $billions in backpay.
    'Violated the collective bargaining rights of workers.'
    ‘unconstitutional bill passed in 2019.’
  • Ex-spymasters warn of “over-protection” in Canada's security culture - YouTube
    Most of what they've found remains hidden from public.

    Russia knows how to set up a puppet government, and knows how to tell a puppet government what to do. Dunetsk, Luhansk. They for many years considered themselves independent countries, now folded into Russia. Essentially be traitors in the eyes of other Ukrainians and just basically run the country.

  • Texas governor going against Biden and saying Texas is being invaded (border crossing from Mexico) (and Biden has not fulfiled Article 4.4 to protect the states and has triggered Article 1.10.3 and Texas as a state has a right of self defense. Public by a huge majority wants this (what Abbot wants), but Gov Abbot may lose in court (to a solicitor general sent by Biden to go against him). So Abbot might ‘become a national hero’ and what would the effect be on opinion of courts? ‘Biden ‘actively fighting Texas on this when Texas just seems to be trying to reinstate a border.’ ‘From failing to do his duty to actual sabotage’ (cutting wires). Sacks.
    #Texas #Constitution

    Will this move already, but more so if it goes further, cause Texans and other states to in law and in politics be bolder in independent views rather than playing along with the Federal program?

    New immigrants vote Democrat. Undocumented immigrants said to be (Tucker) 22m, not the reported 11m. Dems want to give them voting rights.

    Republicans are neocons and ‘want to go to war’ but Trump and RFK are against illegal immigration and against foreign wars, and they're crushing it in the polls, because Americans also don't want illegal immigration or to be in foreign wars, in the majority.

    LILLEY UNLEASHED: UNRWA part of the problem in Gaza - YouTube

    Farmer protests: Armoured police vehicles block highway as tractors push to reach Paris - YouTube

    ‘Demand An Answer’: Amid Mass Firefighter Resignation, Stanley Town Officials Say Little - YouTube

    FBI issues dramatic public warning: Chinese hackers are preparing to 'wreak havoc' on the US - YouTube (CNN)

    'Throw 'em in jail': Ford calls for changes to criminal code - YouTube
    He wants us to believe people are flying in for 2 weeks to steal cars?

    Dr. Jordan Peterson: I've been sentenced to re-education and I'll fight back - YouTube (Fox)

    DARPA a government agency that pays for itself - Samo
    Possibly you could have gotten the same technologies out of other institutions without DARPA.
    DOD used to be much better at declassifying technologies. Turning it over to their contractors.
    As soon as you demonstrate the viability of a technology, others will reverse engineer it and make generic or competitors.
    DARPA has limited terms for program managers. With a few bil, 220 people, an institution that doesn't really owe anyone that much. You might as well do something great with it. If it was a permanent post, you would probably build a small beurocratic empire with the money. ‘Term limits.’
    Match and tailor the appropriate amount of funding. Overfunding can be as detrimental as underfunding. Encourage a situation where you're not producing a patronage network. A reaccuring budget is worse than one-off funding. Demonstrations of viabilities. Autonomy and ability to liase between departments. Can fix vaious communication gaps that naturally exist.
    The pay at DARPA is much lower than private sector, so the people who will go there don't necesarily want just to make money. Maybe they want to advance technology. The reputation of excellence. A tour of duty at DARPA. A positive credential to say they worked at DARPA. Opposite of saying they worked at MIT or Google.
    Politically precarious. Growing restrictions on it for decades. Political and military leaders may fail to understand why it works at all. Or they might understand only that it works but not why, and may form it in ways that blunt it, to serve their own priorities.
    NASA and military have a stake with factories etc in every state. You have to talk to them to reduce funding.
    Is DARPA ‘the last tree standing in the forest'? - Samo.
    Because it built reputation, people were actually proud of it.
    DARPA is enabling the big budgets of other organizations to continue.
    The profit motive, you must always inflate costs to justify more funding, if you work for the government.
    Governments can't fire their employees easily.
    Come into government, and complete a competing body that does the same thing as a big body but cheaper. There's a political cost but you have to overcome that with a political benefit. ‘We don’t need (old) agency. I'm going to cut (old) agency.' Especially if it's staffed with political enemies.
    We've come to view job creation as an end in iteself, and this is fairly destructive.
    Government officials tend to try to make themselves unfireable.
    We could have a higher quality civil service. Can fire half the civil servants and pay the other half double, and it'd be more efficient.
    Government could create more options of agencies to use. Between two options we'll usually chose the best.
    Reduce the budget for medicaid and instead let the consumer spend that amount (20k or 50k) on what they want. Because then the consumer thing would work.
    Retire large defense conglomerates.
    NASA spending incubated SpaceX.

  • If you look at the point in the past 50 years where America had the most challenges, the weakest leadership, 2024 might be one of China's strike points.

    "It's An INVASION" - Immigation Is Officially The #1 Issue For Voters - YouTube
    About 15 or 20 years after it because the obvious issue to the substantial minority of thinkers.

    Arizona GOP chairman Jeff DeWit resigns amid bribe allegations involving Kari Lake - YouTube

    'These [Five Eyes, or US Canada Aus NZ UK) are not separate governments. They are one government.' - Tucker. What defines the boundaries of a government?

    China may in the future be ruled by lawyers (like the US now) instead of peasants fairly ruthless politicians plus some educated engineers, because of where virtued classes are coming from (it's valued as virtue siganalling coming from Harvard or MIT). Samo. Educated in universities rather than political circles.
    Both China and US are gerontocratic. A generation war aspect. But China is homogenous.
    If you have econ conditions where a college degree is most valuable, and women do better at college, and the default idiology of the college is somewhat feminist, you can have diverging politics then between men and women. Samo. So if China had woke, it would probably be gender-focussed rather than race. ‘The rise of Chinese feminism’. ‘Actually low fertility rates are the fault of patriarchy because they violated the autonomy of womens bodies by forcing abortions on them during the one-child policy’ could be a 10 years from now slogan. ‘As a result there are not enough of us women.’ China doesn't have many women top government officials or CEOs. They do have, like Iran has, many women in STEM, women do well in hard sciences. Lots are educated as engineers.
    Along pathological lines like in SKorea, could happen in China?

    Might see greater respect for laywers in China. Maybe even for journalists, who also work with words.
    Shift from tech founders (who are bootstrap peasants) to more educated people, a possible negative for the country.
    Chinese Harvard will dominate. When universities as such are empowered.
    The difference between the American student and the Chinese student won't be so great. Chinese universities prestige is currently rising. Less of the brightest students will go to USA.
    China's schools may also then degrade, hardening into disfunction, where credentials are divorced from real competance, and the government will become incompetent.
  • ‘95% Sure’ Bitcoin ETF to Trade On Thursday: Valkyrie CEO - YouTube
    Is this because Bitcoin was invested in by large banking/401/whatever firms, which means politicians themselves are invested in it and will make money if it's approved and lose money if it's not?

    Florida Surgeon General calls for halt to COVID-19 vaccine, citing possible cancer risks - YouTube (FOX)

    Red Sea Latest: US Redesignates Houthis as Terrorists - YouTube
    A few other nations designated unliked groups terrorists this week, too. I think an asian nation of Iran or something.

    Dimon had some nice things to say publicly about Trump at Davos. Does this reflect the now visible probability Trump will win primaries and then the general election? Trump won I think Iowa the other day.

    What the DeepState fears, Jones said, is (if there was allowed an action by citizens etc to carry out something like border security) a coalition of good governors, good AGs giving them the good findings that they could indeed do that, and then declaring emergencies in the states and then a coalition among some states to do that, and then orders to police and everyone else not do sanctuary cities.

    Texas is now sort of purple with the influx from Cali. Jones. Decline of mom and pops. Illegal refugees everywhere.

    2 Polish politicians arrested.
    The president had pardoned people who were not yet sentences (so how do you pardon them?).

    Haier Attacks Home Assistant, Destroys Open Source Project: NEVER Buy Their Air Conditioners! - YouTube (Rossmann)
  • SBF's Political Donation Charges DROPPED: Is This a “Cover-Up”?? Second Trial Canceled - YouTube

    New York City looks to amend 'right to shelter' rule as it struggles to house migrants - YouTube

    Can America depart from the 2-party system this year? Former/current party supporters who no longer want to support their party, how many people do you know like this?

    US's Biden visited UAE to try to talk them into sellng oil in USD not Yuan and not use Chinese tech (US will help SA develop a nuclear program in return and protect them). Putin recently visited and got a warm welcome and a parade or something. US trying to turn Putin into global pariah not working (said Sacks) because of hows he's defeating the Collective West in Ukraine. He's gotten cache in other places. How tired is the world of US influence?

    Koch's biggest spender in Republican party, maybe.

    Chicago leaders demand help from White House to deal with surge of migrants in city - YouTube

    McDonald's CEO warns of hit from boycotts | BBC News - YouTube
    Middle East.

    Doctors unionize as healthcare services are consolidated into corporate systems - YouTube
    71% of Americans currently approve of unions, highest number since the 60s.

  • Lots of 3rd party candidates. RFK left Dems, running indy, most popular candidate at the moment. Vivek.

    Lots of Americans interested in a 3rd party. The left and right so far to their ends, rooted in identity politics. A third party lacks a good name.
  • JUST IN: Matt Gaetz Asks DEA Chief Point Blank Why Marijuana Is Still Classified A Schedule 1 Drug - YouTube

    New drink container tax - YouTube

  • ARGENTINA | Anuncian medidas económicas de emergencia | EL PAÍS - YouTube
    A government telling the truth, strange? ‘When I was young there were always candidates who tried to explain this, but they never received more than 5 ot 6% of the vote.’ #Argentina

    The government has always been one of the main focuses of corruption and ‘...con nosotros eso se termina.’

    It seems it's often been said that the Latin countries yes sometimes have these politicians who come along and they seem so revolutionary for something that strikes many as better, but for whatever reason the Latin countries never succeed in this. Or perhaps that's false, and the Latin countries with their occasional standout politicians will lead everyone else in politics.

    No protection against death - YouTube
    The fourth dose caused a 3-month reduction (like 20%) in infections, but after that period that group had more infections (ie could we say the vaccine causes more infections?).

    Argentina's new government reverses decision to join BRICS - YouTube
  • American Fascism And The Groomer Panic - YouTube
    Trans women. Florida. ‘Anti-trans laws’? Tracking rhetoric.

    Jan5, those charges were 87% were not in an organized militant group. Many were there with friends and family. 2/3 were over 35 years old. 14% of those charged were business owners. 30% were white collar workers.

    Over half of Republicans believe voter fraud claims, reportedly. (Forbes though)

    1/4 of Republicans sympathize with Qanon (NYT).

    The replacement of native Americans with more obediente foreigners. ‘Great Replacement theory’.

    Great Replacement was most significant trigger in converting people who already believed the election was stolen into people that believe they should do insurrectionist violence to reinstate Trump, reportedly.

    Failures of the neoliberal era.

    JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon blasts crypto, tells Senate he would ‘close it down’: CNBC Crypto World - YouTube

    Growing evidence of Hamas’ sexual crimes against women during attack, Israeli investigators say - YouTube

    Why Is There So Much Right-Wing Media? - YouTube

    Milei declara el fin de la "decadencia" argentina y promete un duro camino a la recuperación - YouTube
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S3X_Bzlczk

    In a recall election, they voted out the entire council and the guy who raised the question was like, ‘"I didn’t understant this at all, so I'm gonna run. I'M gonna run. If not me, who?' And he ran. And he's up there now. So that's one of the greatest examples of democracy in action." - Lehto

    Adams Township, Michigan.



    Wants dolarization. And to close their Central Bank.

    Surprise win.

    Binance, largest crypto exchange, still operating, but charges and guilty pleas for top brass for disguising information, including payments that had something to do with Hamas. So current Israel-Palestine action being employed here in banking controls.



  • NO ONE wants the COVID19 Booster | CDC reports 3% Uptake | CDC and FDA have failed America - YouTube 
  • Musk went to visit Eagle Pass, Texas, the site of thousands of mostly Venezuelan young male migrants entering the US. Among the most frequent comments were about him doing so before either the President or Vice President. He said he wanted to see for himself what was going on there.

    ‘Government by crisis.’


    Is that an appropriate characterization?


  • #Ideas

    "Actually, offering direct cash assistance is extremely effective in getting children (adolescents) to react to the support measures. It even reaches in the blind spots.

    ... because the de facto officials in Niger ‘no longer want to fight terrorism' France said.

    ?Perhaps admitting it can't put the democratically elected pres France likes into power, and has lost its influence in the region, and can't alter the politics in the region?

    #France #Africa #Colonialism

  • Elon Musk's Starlink cutoff controversy | Quick Take | GZERO Media - YouTube 

    ‘Great politicians say what they need to win. And then, once they’re elected, all bets are off. The goal of running for president is ... just to win.' - Shkreli

    UAW withholds their endorsement for Biden amid historic strikes - YouTube 

  • First US president to be charged with a crime. Now not just Israel and African countries, but US also does this.

    Rico-style case. Racketeering, a crime often charged against mobsters, against 19 defendants including Giuliani (who as a prosecuter also did Rico-cases, sometimes against lawyers). They're


    being fingerprinted and mugshotted (photos that will make news around the world) and will be put into this big prison house where 6 people have died last year.

    The aggreived party is the state of Georgia. Interfering in how a state conducts itself in its elections. 2020.

    Trump called it ‘election interference.'

    Less than a day and clothing designers started using the mug shot. When your president's are treated as criminals, do people as strongly avoid the possibllity that they could become criminals? (Speaking of the moral condemnation side of criminalizing, not the deprivation/suffering side.)

    Pfizer claims no one was forced to get the Jab - YouTube 
  • Argentina’s leading presidential candidate Javier Milei pledges to close the country's central bank - YouTube 
  • Ecuador: Presidential candidate shot dead at campaign event | DW News - YouTube 
  • China's Xi Vows to Protect Foreign Investors’ Interests - YouTube 
  • Charm offensive against China? "CEOs serving as diplomats."

    But “no replacement for government to government relations and official diplomacy"?
  • Presidente de China promete apoyo firme a Honduras, que rompió vínculos con Taiwán | AFP - YouTube 
  • Alien Threats A Facade to Justify Spending Bonanza warns Edward Dowd - YouTube 
  • “Prime minister Modi's effort to dismantle India's democracy and install a racist Hindu ethnocracy in its place.” - Chompsky, on the head of the opposition party in India being thrown in jail.

  • Alberta election. People say the NDP candidate will do whatever Trudeau says, and she's also said she'll raise taxes on job creators almost 40%. Trudeau's government is not popular for a lot of reasons (currently it seems a Chinese scandal for ‘foreign’ interference).
  • People have been pondering if Musk is the new biggest Republican media mogul

  • "The no pay for Congress during debt default Act," joked about on Bloomberg. ... "Who's the sponsor?"
    Oh wait, that was real
    New bipartisan House bill would block pay for members of Congress if U.S. defaults - YouTube 

  • First of its kind bill, passed in the state.

    “to protect individuals from government surveillance in their personal finances through a CBDC." ... “the efforts to impose a central bank digital currency, which would shift purchasing power from consumers to the government.”

    “weaponization of the financial system through a CBDC.”

  • Loneliness has become an epidemic in U.S., Surgeon General says - YouTube 
  • Lawmakers dump First Republic shares amid banking crisis - YouTube 
  • Patrick Bet-David Offers Tucker Carlson $100 Million To Join Valuetainment - YouTube 
  • Coinbase sets up overseas exchange.

    Was in US. Still is. But now also in Bermuda.
  • Central Bank of UK said that wages for labor were going to be less than the rising price of things people are buying, so people just have to get used to it and everyone has to 'take their fair share' ie accept that the standard of living was going to decline

    Controversial for someone in such a position to say so. Question of for what then are these institutions?
    Did Pill mean cyclically, that we'd have a few down quarters and then continue upward? or did he mean that a peak has been reached? How does decreasing population and decreasing globalization factor in?
  • Branches of US government doing their own thing?

    Experts seem to be thinking that Powell/Fed are concerned only with their own issue ie inflation. They don't care about banks, or about the economy, or about the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is a purely political issue, and must be settled by Congress, is how the attitude was framed by Jim Bianco.

    Does this organization (government departments pursuing their own mission while ignoring other parts of the overall system) contribute to healthier results? or to a fractured overall government which is less efficient?
    Powell in his department looks at inflation. 57% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and couldn't raise $1000. Prices can't be allowed to raise beyond their ability to pay. So if a bunch of rich people need to suffer to decrease inflation we'll do that. The S&P value doesn't matter. (How Bianco framed it.)

    The 57% versus stockholders. But a lot more people are stockholders nowadays than before (everyone created a retail trading app account over the past few years). Might be interesting to contrast 2008 'The 1%' or the 10%, versus the current stockholders versus non-stockholders.

  • Zeihan vlogged yesterday predicting the next election would go to Biden, after a race between him and Trump. (nothing to do with the arraignment).

  • Better competitors, more competition, better issues get used by them. DeSantis. 
  • REPLAY: Humza Yousaf wins race to replace Sturgeon as Scotland's next leader • FRANCE 24 English - YouTube 

  • Headlines now say US energy agency says most likely Covid came from lab leak in Wuhan

  • Excess deaths, MP calls for urgent and thorough investigation - YouTube Go to 6:40 for the start of Christine Anderson's speech

    "All these people blindly trusted their governments" "A big lie" "It was never about public health. ... It was always about breaking people."

    You are a disgrace! Canada PM Trudeau savaged by German MEP at EU Parliament - YouTube (Anderson a few months ago criticizing Trudeau's unconstitutional government violation of citizen's rights)

    "When members of the EU Parliament asked Pfizer for copies of the contract that Pfizer apparently entered into with the European Parliament, The European Union, this is the level of transparency that they got back." (100 blanked out pages were apparently supplied, said Campbell.


  • Global money saturates the globe's leading regulators - title in BMJ

    In UK 86% of the regulators' money comes from industry. US 65%. Canada 50% (so a lower amount maybe doesn't mean all that much).


  • Science?

    The data it's based on can't be access by us, it's not public domain data. So it can't be peer reviewed, Campbell says.

  • Apple is by far the slowest to join the accelerating exodus out of the Chinese system (which began in the last year of Obama), said Zeihan

    "... taken every instance of trade disputes or genocide and doubled down... "

  • Politics are becoming a politics of grievance - Jon Alterman

    And how can you have a healthy society built on that?

    A constant rallying point, US, Israel, Middle East. Partially driven by social media and by PEOPLE'S ABILITY TO CHOSE individually what they like (they chose what gives them an emotional response).
    "It's strange that the places we see it most effective (the move away from politics of grievance) is authoritarian states that try not to have politics.


  • Trump announced he would run in 2024 last week

    He gave a long announcement speech. Some commented he seemed more tired than last time.

  • Democrats did better than expected (past few months expectation)

    People thought Republicans would take maybe both houses, because of taxes and Biden things, but now people think that because of the Republican pro-life thing, people went out and voted Democrat.

    Also bad candidates hurt the Republicans.

    Biden maybe 'caused global inflation', but 'people still have their jobs.' And they vote how they feel.

  • Sam Bankman-Fried's political connections. Take this video with a grain of salt. This YouTuber just came across my feed, so I don't know how reliable he is. Later though, I saw quite a lot of YouTubers covering this, including MSM.


  • US midterm elections

    Summers said he thought it was a step away from extremes toward a stable center holding. People not fighting over the results, losing candidates conceding.

  • Will ISI's revelations bring down public support for Imran Khan? | International News | WION - YouTube 

  • 5PMs in 6 years for UK. Each one so impressive!

  • How many meetings, over what time frame, is average for a significantly solid peace, in this region and in other regions?
  • Kanye buying Parler Social Media platform?

    "Nashville-based Parler, which has raised about $56 million till date, said it expects the deal to close during the fourth quarter of 2022. It did not give a deal value." - Reuters

    Kanye has been blocked from his Insta etc accounts in the past.

  • Over the past weeks there have been big protests in Iran, and dozens of people have died

  • Health uber alles - Dennis Prager

    "In the name of health, you can do ANYTHING. Anything. You can lie, you can suppress, you can be cruel, you can distort, you can get rid of doctors who dissent, in the name of health."

  • Trump's ideas are now sort of the orthodoxy - Victor Davis Hanson

    "He could say, I gave you this agenda. That everybody seems to agree that we have to restore the industrial capacity of America. We've gotta be tough on China. We've gotta have a border that's secure. We have to have a different foreign policy. We have to have responsible monetary policy. We've gotta pump oil and gas. And people were not talking about it like I was. And now we're all on the same page."

    Versus the Left's 'Lassaz-faire creative destruction 'They should have learned code' (Left turned on its base who didn't succeed like they had) we need cheap labor from other countries for corporate America so we need an open border.' They substituted White for class. Not just black people, but everybody has grievances (even rich ones) against Whites.

    Hanson says Trump has to not dwell on himself though, if he wants to be current. Or that he could step aside, allowing his ideas to continue for the party but with someone who won't incite the NeverTrumpers. More easy to focus on the issues.

    The Left has the money, the influence, the reach, in this new globalized economy. The Right has the middle classes.

    A Versailles Left that dresses up and plays like peasants, moralistic. A Jacobin Left that doesn't believe people are able to make better decisions than they as government can for everyone. A Maoist Left.

  • Breivik attacks were 2011. 11 years ago.

  • Texas sends more than 9,000 migrants to NYC and DC - YouTube 
  • Dr. Fauci announces he's stepping down - YouTube 

  • Example: US has tariffs on China for steel and aluminum

    Chinese state actors were basically giving free electricity to aluminum smelters in China to undercut price in America, that took US's capicity utilization of US's aluminum smelters from high 80s to 70 in one year. And when you drop below 80% capacity utilization you end up losing money as an industry. China was acting in an uneconomic fashion to try to put the US's industry out of business so the US would have a further reliance on China's ability to produce aluminum (strategic values for military and industry).

    So Yellen saying "You could save 8 basis points of inflation if you took those tariffs off" is ignorant of national security. He mentioned that if wall street was making decisions we'd all be speaking Chinese immediately, because they make short term decisions for specific profits, and politicians are required to think long term and consider national security.

    Kyle Bass' take

  • "They gotta stop manipulating long rates. They have to let the free market do that." - Dan Morehead

    He also said that while 30% of Americans are trying to buy a home, 20% of all homes sold last year were sold to institutional speculators with money borrowed from the Fed.

  • Petro, first non-conservative president of Colombia in decades, won 50% to 47%

    Petro takes office from Duque August 7.

    Like 11m votes for him in a Country of 52m. The choice was between (Petro) a leftist who talks a lot about change, which many of the people want (the two main complaints of Colombians seem to be 'inequality' and 'corruption'), although at a risk of making things worse ('like Venezuela' since Petro is considered to be socialist). And on the other hand a right politician, which represented for voters stability and less risk but not the change many want.

    Petro has promised several things (which are not largely ideas new to him), but they would require political support beyond his office to pull off. He does not have the majority of Congress.

    1. Make more use of land. 1.5% of Colombians own 50% of the land. The idea is to tax land in ways that would encourage using it more, and to redistribute some land.

    2.a. More equality in access to health, ie a universal state system which doesn't depend on the ability of patients to pay. Payed for with 'progressive taxes' and a strong hand with corruption.

    2.b. Pensions. The offices that currently manage pensions Petro has accused of corruption. Critics say the country traditionally is not efficient as an administrator of money.

    3. Environmentalism. Colombia's oil wealth he wants to phase out to become a green economy.

    Because it is such a big change, and people weren't sure it would happen, I think it's fair to say people are excited to see what will happen, whether they are hopeful or dreadful.


  • Is it that there wasn't allowed video before? This release of video has been a headline.

    A few hundred people entered the Capitol building 2 years ago.

    In the event, one woman died from being shot. During the event, 3 other people had medical emergencies which they died from.
  • Biden's approval lowest right now since Carter in 1978

  • He's talking about July 4, one of the 3 holidays where Americans spend a ton of money. They buy lots of food and gas. We'll see if they can afford to do it this year like past years.

    Difference from 2008. 2008 it affected roughly 60% of the population. Today, with inflation, no matter who you are, where you live, how much you make, it will affect you.

    Trump misidentified the stock market as the thing Americans look to to decide whether things are good or bad. Biden misidentified jobs.

    33% of Americans blame the war in Ukraine. 25% blame corporations for charging too much (Biden is trying to blame Exxon etc for the reason why gas prices are so high).

    "The key is not who they blame. The fundamental key is who they think is trying to solve it. And this is where the administration comes up short."

    "The Biden administration is afraid of the political impact so they're downplaying the personal impact. And the truth is they should be candid."

  • US and Canada removed COVID travel restrictions for tourists
  • Belgian king expresses regret for what happened in Congo decades ago (post-1880 labor camp)

    Some want Belgium to apologize, not just express regret, but he didn't do this during his speech during his visit.

  • NASA has decided to do a probe into UFO sightings

    Cost is $100k. 9 month study starting this year.
  • US pres Biden invokes Defense Protection Act to get US producers to make more parts for clean energy

    They also lifted tariffs on solar powers from (not China but) Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.

    US is investigating if some Chinese companies are circumventing US customs duties by assembling parts in poor countries.

    The same Defense Production Act that Biden used to force more baby food production: Baby formula shortage in USA big plant (Abbot in Michigan) was put on pause by the FDA. After some

  • Gravitas: India hits back at US after religious freedoms report - YouTube 

  • US is going to take 'drastic new steps' flying in baby formula with military jets from other countries

    The FDA commissioner was grilled today by Congress about why it's taken months to investigate the Abbot lab. He said they could have done better.

    One of the bills passed by congress was to increase funding for the FDA, partially so they can do more oversight.

    BIden invoked the Defense Protection Act, a wartime tool, to force manufacturers who produce baby formula to prioritize baby food.
  • Denmark suspends vaccinations - YouTube 
  • "Africans do not want to be part of your (EU) foreign policy. We want to be free to determine for ourselves whether to condemn or not to condemn Russia." - Halifa Sallah

    Speech - YouTube